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suggestions for new infected classes

Knife v. Striker



Survivor: Striker, +mags, damage with five seven dual (keep)



Infected: take out throwing knife on the maps that there arent glitches its no fun and the worst part is thats what pops up most of the time so put something like a betty so they cant move but still have fun on the other maps.



Knife v. .44 Magnum



Survivor: take out the magnums low ammo and no accuracy put the five sevens they are actually really good you could kill more than one person in a clip


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TAKE OUT THE JUGS its not even infected the one with the MK46 isnt so bad but striker v jug sucks it takes 3 minutes to get first blood then they have to kill jugs the game only ends at the timer it BORING.


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Most importantly put specialists


- Scavenger (switch reg. perk to sleight of hand)

- Dead Silence

- Extreme Conditioning