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The real Team ErroX recruiting!!! (PC/PS3)

Team ErroX is recruiting players, admins and editors/designers! (ps3 and pc)

We are a brand new gaming team sponsored by IntKeys (they give us prizes for our own tournaments). Players are the bricks of our wall of fame.

Interested? read below and be sure to visit www.teamerrox.net

What we want from you as player:

- skill bar low (-------o--) high

- act like an mature

- we would like if you have a headset but not needed

- being very active!


as admin :

- everything a player needs

- you need to get our trust

- are very socail



as editor/designer you should contact me personnaly. using the site www.teamerrox.net


Why join us? as a brandnew gaming community we want to grow fast to the top if you join us early you can growh together with us also we will be holding intern tournaments and probably soon have our ownservers.


How to join? go to www.teamerrox.net and go to recruitment