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How to get Open NAT type

Hi, today i went to my MW3 in ps3 and my NAT type was Strict, i coudnt go to parties etc.. is there any solution to put my NAT type on Open?



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    Need more info:  type of modem/router? 

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    Go to portforward.com.  They have all the information there.   You also need to go to Playstation 3 website, which has additional ports not listed on portforward.  http://us.playstation.com/support/answer/index.htm?a_id=241.


    I had a wi fi connection that is not listed on port forward, so I had to find the instructions elsewhere.

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    Rwcgillam is correct. You can go to portforward.com and have the website walk you through the process (remember to skip the ads). Knowing the model of your modem/router will be helpful and also remember to look for the "PS3" listed games.


    If you do not forward the "PS3" titled games, then you will be forwarding the ports for the PC version of the game which would do you no good.


    Final helpful thing would be to have a Static IP address for your PS3 so that you know that the ports are being forwarded to the correct device. The instructions to do this can also be found on http://portforward.com/networking/staticip-ps3-playstation-3.htm


    If you are able to and would rather set the ports manually, you can find the proper port numbers on Activisions help site: https://activision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/activision.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p _faqid=77659

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    Hi i have had this prolem for a while now. NAT type is really really stupid and anyoing. I was able to make my NAT type open to time to time for about an hour by restarting my router. But that wasnt enough, i wanted to play with my friends 24-7 365 days a year when ever i want.


    so this is how i made my Nat type from type 3 to 1

    i did this with no use of a computer execpt from restarting my router. PS3 ONLY. wireless.


    so restart your router by putting in your ip address into the www adress bar.

    so once you have done that go into the ps3 and check if the internet has gone to

    nat type 1


    if it has read on if not sorry i dont know how to do it other than the way i did it


    so nat type 1 wont last to long so, in network settings go to the connection list and

    copy down the follwing things


    ip address

    subnet mask

    default router

    primary DNS

    secondary DNS


    so once you have the numbers for those things , go into internet connection settings


    enter the settings manualy. such as name of internet and password

    once you get to a screen with ip address settings enter the number that you copied down.


    go through the UPnP setting and so on till you go for the test at the end of the settings


    if you have enterd the numbers correctly you should have NAT type 1 ( OPEN )


    if not im sorry this did not work for you and sorry for wasting your time






    bjnthebearnz ( PSN add me )

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      Open Nat does not work. I play at least 60 games a day and i will get a bunch of lag compensating my connection and owning me in many gun fights. I will pull host sometimes, and even if i don't.. i still get handicapped by the serverity of the lag compensation the game creates. 11 prestiges on xbox and 19+ prestiges on the ps3 and i will tell you, it all depends on your internet service provider.. it is very difficult to make your experience better by configuring your router, since companies like.. time warner cable.. try to limit the amount of upload and download speed you have for applications like online gameplay.