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Cod4/WaW remake


Ive always thought that a good cod would be a remake of Cod4 and Waw think about it more atachments pro perks more kill streaks i think that would make a good call of duty maby a Xbox live market place game for 2400 microsoft points please post a comment of what you think below Thank You

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    Dude i would buy it. WaW was my favorit call of duty ever. The maps and the grime just made me fall in love with the game. I diddnt play games when cod 4 was out but what i played i loved, i only wish there weren't so many hackers on them.

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    COD4 with more attachments, pro perks and killstreaks?  That sounds an awful lot like a map pack - which incidently, we already had a taste of with MW2.  The best thing about COD4 was its simplicity that made it require a bit of skill.  I've seen kids dominate in MW2/3 go ass-up in COD4 because they can't rely on killstreaks and cheap perk/weapon combinations for their kills.


    I wouldn't be against seeing some of the WaW maps introduced to MW-style of play.


    That said, I think complete remakes would be a waste.  There wouldn't be enough interest or financial benefit for the developers like there was with HALO: CE.  Because the original HALO couldn't be played on the 360, the remake of that game made sense because it introduced a whole new generation of gamers to the original HALO.


    Maybe a few years down the road when you can't play COD4, WaW or MW2 on the XB1140, a remake would be a good investment for the developers.

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    Or how about just get rid of the hackers and cheats on COD 4 and W@W so they can be played like they were designed to be played.