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xXDRTYXx is going to hold a tournament for Australia and Nz clans up to 5 battle teams of 10 players per claan can enter


xXDRTYXx leader here, we are going to hold one of our regular tournaments, we have invited 10 of the biggist clans in australasia to join already.xXDRTYXx is entering 5 teams of 10 already, 10 players as there are always players not online so you have 4 reserves. this also gives your clans a chance to give your other players a run, see how they go, but also see how your top battle teams go aswell. Each round is a first to 5 wins, with the 1st game played TDM Dome then its losers choice each round after that. 2 points for win 3 for a 5-0 win. now each player can only play in 1 of there clans team, so if 1 off your teams turn up with only 2 players, thats hard luck as 2vs6 is going to be hard and long. SO how do you enter your team? leave a message on our clans wall with how many teams and a roster sweet. winner claims best clan in australasia!!