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EpTic Clan Looking for New Members


Hey guys and girls this is darkplaces28. I am part of the EpTic clan on PS3. We currently have 34 members on Elite. Basically our name comes from OpTic, but we're just a bunch of goofs really. We are looking for people that play COD for fun. A good K/D is not a requirement at all. If you like throwing knives, tomahawks, etc. then we might be the place for you. We are just a bunch of down to Earth people that enjoy partying up and playing. We have a YouTube community channel and a website. I won't post that here as to not advertise that part of our group. If you're interested respond to this post or add me on PSN. My GT is: darkplaces28. I hope to hear from some of you.

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    Hello! I sent an application this morning, i have seen this clan all over the place, on youtube on elite, on ps3, on websites, so this morning I watched a montage by rifleknight09's on straightupknives channel, i decided take a deeper look into it. I love throwing knives and tomahawks, it would b so awesome to join this clan. I have never wanted to join one more than this. I would have added you on psn already but I cant because i am currently setting up my hdpvr with my ps3 and mac and having problems, we have been calling support and etc etc so I cant play it at the moment. please read my application and let me join. thanks for reading.