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Mute ALL option

There should be an option to mute all. It is very annoying to hear a lot of people talking, screaming and insulting or even listening to music while i am playing. There is an option on the menu to mute voice communications. However that changed in a recent update i guess because I had it on low and i didn't hear anyone talking on the mic, I was happy... Now, with a recent update i can hear again. To solve this I propose a MUTE ALL option by default. What do you guys think?

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    I Agree! I ended up buying a headset just so I could turn it on and then put it on mute. However, when I don't have the headset turned on I always have a thing where as soon as I go into a lobby, I mute everyone before doing anything else and it's always a challenge if the games about to start. Maybe they should add an actual in game challenge for doing that!


    So mute all please. Must be soooo easy to implment. Fun fun fun

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    Before 1.08 you could turn voice volume all the way down. It doesn't work now and I spoke to a person and they said they're working on it. Until then we have to manually mute people in the lobby, or, in the 10 seconds before the game actually starts (once you're on the map, choosing class, countdown to start thing) hit select (talking PS3 here) and then mute anyone you want by just pressing X. That's the simplest and fastest way I know of until they fix the problem they made.