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Went back to Black Ops Last Night ...


I thought this game would last me until BO2 came out but i guess i just had enough of the lag and idiotic spawn system. So i tried Black Ops again yesterday and i gotta say the game feels entirely different. First of all, and this is the most immediate thing i noticed. When you are host in BO you dont lag behind everyone. There are no more WTF moments that make you want to pull your hair out. It was so amazing and smooth and fun.


The next thing i noticed was that the spawn system made sense and i wasnt being killed the second i spawned. You actually have time to breath and go where you want. Maps are just better and the spawn system is perfect. I also didnt get thrown into games that were already in progress, not sure if its because i was playing earlier in the day or what but everytime i joined a new lobby it was still during map selection which was nice.


The basic core components that make a FPS fun are just broken in MW3. Until they fix them i will be playing Black Ops. I wasted 100 dollars on this game and was fooled into purchasing the Hardened Edition, but that wont happen again. I will buy BO2 when it comes out, but there is no way i will be buying another IW title until i see its actually working properly.


Adios ;-) . 



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