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DCI Gaming is Recruiting Players and GB


We are DCI Gaming, we have been around for a little over a year now and we are recruiting for the following:


DCI Game Battles Division:

We had someone who was in charge of this operation until he let his emotions get in the way and now he just quit gaming in general (So to speak). We are recruiting any player that is at least 18yrs of age to take charge of GB and everything that's involved. (Note: if you take charge, you'll also be in charge of recruiting players that you think meet the requirements, consider this your own playground) If interested please contact DCI GOVERNATOR on Xbox to discuss full details.


DCI Standard Division:

This division will consist of the players that don't want to compete on GB but would settle for gaming with other members including the leaders. We are fairly organized with our team and how it works.


We do have website sources but the leader will share with you in the meeting. We have posted our site in other forums and has lead to nothing but misunderstanding.


Features of Joining:

- Be featured on Youtube with our recording sessions

- The ability to be on live stream with JustinTV etc. and/or other sites (Work in Progress)

- Other options will be announced based on the leader


Any questions? feel free to post down below. Thanks