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DCI Gaming is Recruiting Players and GB


We are DCI Gaming and we are recruiting for the following positions.


DCI Game Battles Division:

We did have someone who was in charge of this position but due to hard times, he let his emotions get in the way and has given up on gaming in general. We are looking for someone who is 18yrs and older to take charge and knows what their doing for rosters etc. If interested please contact DCI GOVERNATOR on Xbox.


DCI Standard Division:

This Division is for the players that don't want to compete in GB but settles for gaming up with the members etc.


Features of joining:

- The ability of being known on Youtube through our video capturing sessions.

- Being featured on live broadcasting such as JustinTV etc. (Work in Progress)

- More options will be announced when arranged by the leader.


Got any questions? please leave your response below. Thanks