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Infected - Is it ok to boost?

Hi Mods/Admins,


I have a simple questions, and that is:


Are we allowed to boost on infected?


I ask as despite numerous reports and time spent gathering evidence of boosters noting seems to be happening to them, Last night I came across a few prestiege level 10s using the same method i posted yesterday which is just blatent.


Please respond and advise as i am seriously starting to consider doing this as i'm sure others are to lack of action against offenders, and this is what is ruining infected!.


I have 2 suggestions,

1: put some sort of thing in to counter this, i.e. when some un infected person gets to 15 kills, give infected grenades/hing will be done/throwing knifes

2: If anyone comes across a game where someone is boosting - report the perpatrator in game and leave the game, as ratings fall something may be done


Thanks for reading - i will be working out how to post you tube vids from mw3 today and uploading vids of worst perpatrators from yesterday - including a few prestige 10's!