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This game is comical.


Now I could sit here and rage about everything but it's literally gotten to the point where I can't help but laugh. I would honestly like a dev to sit next to me when I play this game and explain to me why some of the things that happen do. Tonight has by far been the worst night ever of playing. Most of the issues I previously had with the game all had to do with the lag. Not until recently have I had such serious problems with the spawns. But tonight there must have been 10+ times where I didn't even get to live for a second before I was killed.


My most common deaths on this game are this:


-Put multiple shots into someone only for them to kill me in seemlingly in one bullet. Red screen optional but scarcely seen.

-Spawning, Taking one step and being shot and killed. Usually includes someone staring in direction of where I spawn.

-Shot while either, around a corner, or well after proning behind cover.


My favorite killcams are the ones where I get to watch the guy die and then spawn feet away from me to kill me. Although the ones where I get to watch the guy staring at me spawn are a close second.


This game had the potential to be great. It's still not bad, it's just a joke. A hilarious, never ending joke. Congratulations Infinity Ward, you got me again. Fortunately, I'd caught on soon enough to not be one of the 1.5 million Elite premium subscribers.

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    Same problem.

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    Its cool you're laughing. Means you're having fun.

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    At this point, I also derive enjoyment from watching the few people on these forums try to actually defend the game.  Watching their squirming amuses me while I play Blops with my friend; we have both long abandoned any hope of mw3 not being a joke anymore, though once in a while we pop it in to have a good chuckle.

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    Your spot on with your points. I usually leave games where I never get a red screen and every death is to the first bullet from someone with ninja like reflexes and aiming. I assume that usually its lag comp or something of the sort at work.


    And yes to many times I've been spawned killed as well but the best ones, like you mentioned, are the ones where the kill cam shows his dying by my hand, respawning, and then killing me a few seconds later. Or the ones where the kill cam shows my spawning right in front of him. This aint hard to prevent. Just make a spawn system that requires a minimum distance from an enemy in order for a spawn point to be viable. They just need more spawn points in these maps. Each map has like only 10 points. about 2 per sector of the map. I don't ask to get spawned behind the enemy when I get spawn trapped, but I think something is a little wrong with spawning in the exact same location literally 10x in a row. At least spawn me at the other end of the room/hallway.