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I can't connect, NAT is Open.

Hi, I've got a very big problem. As the title says, my NAT is open but I still can't connect.. Has anyone an idea what it can't be? I've tried Port Forwarding, but still it doesn't work... I really want to play MW3.. I hope someone can help me..

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    have you updated the game lately?

    try this go to your steam library, right click MW3 >properties>LOCAL FILES>VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE


    Do this for both the single player and multi-player


    which ports did you forward? they should be these

    tcp: 3074, 27014-27050

    udp: 3074, 27014-27050

    If that doesn't work try DMZ:

    And if you have a personal firewall. make sure it allows iw5sp.exe to pass both ways

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      Yep, and make sure uPnP is enabled.

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      Thx for your reply.. I've done what u said.. And I searched before for the ports, and I found this:

      UDP: 27000-27015
      TCP: 27014-27050


      So I did that, but when I hit save he says something like ''port overlap occurred'' so I changed the UDP to 27016 .. The only good thing is, that I now get the error: ''The servers are not avaible at this time, please try again later or visit....''


      Soo yeah, it still doesn't work..
      And I've tried DMZ.

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        Ya I can't connect either... I've tried everything. I have even bypassed routers entirely and connected directly to Internet and still can't connect.


        I deleted the Game and files with it, redownloaded, and same problem.


        I changed nothing before failing to connect.... Fix your **** !!!!

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    Wait 10 minutes before going/finding a match.