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First Impression

this isnt really a bad game, i look in the forums all i see is the negetive side of the game. cheaters, well there all over the place you should be used to it by now if your a hard core pc gamer like myself FPS all the way..i played all of the  COD  games and yea there were cheaters there also,day of defeat, counter strike ect.Hmm maybe im telling my age  =p. first off i like to say i came from BF3 or should it be called BF Laggy. i had the game ever since it came out, no changes on the lag situation, so thats why i tried this game. I've have all the other COD's so i wanted to try something different this time....cheaters yea of course, to me its mostly little kids that use the cheat program due to the fact they just suc...any ways


#1. grapics are good, to me it looks better than BF3

#2 lag hmm none, as yet

#3 cheaters well i havent seen any yet but as always i just leave and find another server

#4 game play seems to be the same as the other  COD's

#5 different modes of the game are cool, free for all, domination, ect...

#6 nice maps it will take some time to get used to them


I'll post more as i play the game more 2 days only played. so please dont flame me =p.this is my impression of the game.as the other games ive played even with Punk Buster there will always be cheaters, so just do what i do just leave the server and find another one, and try to play on the servers at a different times...




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    Scaleys wrote:


    #1. grapics are good, to me it looks better than BF3



    You must be blind.

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      I think the graphics are far superior than BF3. BF3 is a power hog and laggy, and I don't mean connection, I mean it's like movement is way down the list in regards to programing. It just doesn't have the hands on feal that COD does. MW2 is better than MW3 in that regard.

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    Sinister? From [C-F] in the past?

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    C'mon click the image and then think to yourself has MW3 better graphics,

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      hmm yea thats a stand still pick it looks different when trying to play the game with the lag, with the lag its blurry lol, but, what im taliking about is, cod looks better is that the building have more color to them, chickens moving around, and nice looking landscapes...

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    I'll say it's an average game that could be miles better and proper on the PC but Activision and Sledgehammer Games cut out the optimal way of playing this game on the PC. It's just not fit for play from a PC standpoint compared to CoD1 - CoDWaW. Anything after those are just average.

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    @ kawz- then i suppose it's a personal preference. My computer is fine. What they need to do is make these games for the PC. PC is, always has been and will be the state of the Art in gaming. And when they get it right, port it to everything else. that's just the common sense thing to do. I am trying to get into BF3, but it's a struggle. So far I'm not impressed.

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    from C-F nope, my oldest game i played was F-16 multi role fighter by nova world


    from what i mean by cod mw3 looking better than bf3 was theres more colors and not as dull looking, true in bf3 you can blow up buildings ect..even tho im pushing 51 =p i can still see some difference in both game graphics.im i blind hmm not yet imo =p.so far in cod mw3 is much better to me due to the fact its playable, no lag what so ever the maps are more colorfull also.

    yea cod 1 looked good