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East Coast Swag- Looking for New Members~MW3! (Xbox 360)


Greetings Fellow MW3 Gamers, (Xbox 360)


I have started a clan called East Coast Swag


I need members, peferably Founders that have yet to use their 500 xp boost so the clan can be leveled up.


Clan Tag = [ECS]




You MUST live on the East Coast


Be willing to play Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Team Defender, & Infected


You MUST have a mic


(Optional) Have Elite Premium or Founder Status and have new DLC's


You MUST stay commited to the clan


Listen to the clan leader, N00bs Hate Me, when he's giving ideas


Before you can join, you must fill out an application with the following template:


Do you own MW3?

How long have you been playing MW3?

Are you a casual or hardcore gamer?

Have you been in a clan previously?

Do you have a mic?

Do you camp or do you run n' gun?

Why do you want to join my clan?

What skills can you bring to the table?

Do you live on the East Coast?

Will you be there to help out the clan when needed?

(Optional) What's your K/D and W/L ratio?


Once you fill out the application, (If accepted), you will recieve an invite to the clan. Accept that. Afterwards, message me (N00bs Hate Me) on Xbox Live so we can start gaming!