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A way to stop the dreaded Panic Knife?

Hey guys, this is my first post on any of these forums, so I hope I don't screw anything up or put it in the wrong place or whatever. If I do, just let me know


Anyway, I have been noticing all over the CoD community that people are getting sick and tired of the overpowered little nuke in your pocket known as the knife. You could be on a 23-0 killstreak about to get your MOAB and then you get pooped on my someone with quick reflexes and a default layout. The knife used to be used for getting a silent kill from behind without fear of showing up on the mini map, but lately it has become a means of getting a kill you probably didn't deserve. I have been thinking about it, and I have come up with some ideas on how the panic knife may finally be fixed.


First, get rid of the melee proficiency. All that does is encourage panice knifing

Second, make the knife a TWO HIT kill, with certain exceptions:

          -If you have your secondary out, it will always be a one-hit kill (for knife-only players such as ONLYUSEmeBLADE)

          -If you stab someone in the back, it is a one hit kill (allowing us to get back to the stealth kill that the knife was originally intended for)


Using this system, if anyone tries to panic knife, they will be easily outgunned by someone who is using an actual gun (this is a first person shooter, is it not?)


I know this way of thinking has flaws to it, such as the notion of people running around with RPGs or other rockets are at a disadvantage. My response to that is that you have a primary weapon, so shoot them instead of knifing them, and if you don't like that, then sacrifice the launcher for a pistol. It's that simple.


Well guys, that's all I got. Let me know your thoughts!



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    BF3 has knifing done right.

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    If they get rid of "panic knifing" then they have to get rid of "panic drop shotting", it only seems fair. It's a trade off, much like every other aspect of this game, you choose perks knowing that in order to reload fast you'll be seen by air support. You should change your layout so that you can get knife people quickly intead of throwing yourself to the ground everytime you see someone round the corner.

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      This is true, though lately it seems I don't drop fast enough.  Almost as if slightly more time is spent in crouch.  Was there a patch to drop shotting?


      I detest both panic knife and drop shot.  I was getting killed way too often by drop shot and had to change to tactical button layout.  I hate that I had to do that, but it gets me lots of kills.  Nothing is more ridiculous than both players throwing themselves on the floor like buffons while shooting each other from while 3 feet apart.

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        I could never get used to the tacical layout... I find I can go prone easy enough with the button as it is... I don't need to drop shot. I crouch and go prone when I need to take cover, not to be able to shoot while doing so. I'd much rather be able to knife someone that I litteraly bump into than be able to give someone a free headshot by drop shotting. I wont argue that the knife is extremely over powered in this game, but EVERYONE has that same weapon, so if everyone is just as overpowered, then NO ONE is over powered. I find it physically impossible to pull out a knife (while holding a gun of any sort) at the speed of light, do one slashing motion (not a stab) and kill someone, but since everyone can do it I can't complain. I honestly don't even get knifed that often. I get drop shotted more, but even then it's not that big a deal because I always run SMGs so I can kill pretty quick up close. I don't play a long range game, I don't have the patience to sit around and wait for targets, I have to get find them myself.

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    really the only people that panic knife are kids who have no self control


    1. switch to tactical then its impossible to panic knife


    2. keep out of knife distance


    3. learn self control


    people cry for realism 1 knife is realistic 4 is not  follow the steps above and you wont panic knife learn some self control

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      I dont think anyone is saying " I keep knifing when I panic" I think they are saying "I don't like when other people knife me"


      People call it panic knifing anytime they get knifed in closed quarters. That's just like saying, "I hate getting panic shot". It's stupid. It's not PANIC knfing, it's REACTION knifing. I never knife by accident, I knife when I think I can kill someone with one button hit, rather than trying to track someone with a gun as they bump into me and start spinning around and throwing themselves on the ground.


      I admit, there are times where I try to knife someone and I do it when I'm too far away or not lined up and I end up getting shot and killed as a result of it, but I think knifing when I bump into someone wins me more fights then drop shotting would ever win me. I don't like getting killed by drop shotters, but I think 90% of the time I kill drop shotters before they ever hit the ground.