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Infection - My Thought's and Opinions

I know right! YES! Finally a Call of Duty game in general that has a Infection game type! What's that? It's now also a playlist so that i don't have to host my own lobby for it either!? GG Infinity Ward! Here's one of my cookie's.


But my thought's about the gametype on the community playlist.


Now i just got back from my soul being consumed by Skyrim for about a month. If i was notified that Infected has now become a playlist, I would have freed myself and played way more then I have. For year's I have hosted Infection(Zombie gamemode, not to be confused with the "infection" modding crap) on private lobby's for my friends and friend's of friends to play on. I've changed so many things to the basic Gamemode I started out with, due to people QQing about things and more thing's. I noticed that a lot of people are crying over the fact that all zombie's have the Throwing Knife, a lot of player's did also when i added that to my gametype in Modern Warfare 2. So how did i fix this, well i made it so that only the Alpha Zombie has a Throwing Knife. Now just incase some people do not know, "Alpha Zombie". Usually mean's the first person to become infected. Also usually is intended to be stronger/faster/ or just more powerful then the Common Infected. As in Halo 3 - Reach the AZ has always been the first player to be infected from round 1, then it become's who ever survived the longest as human(Yes I know, there is no rounds in MW3's version of Infection?_?). So you'd think since that person survived the longest, he is the best player. So why not make that person the only one with the Throwing Knife?

     As I stated above, there are no Rounds in MW3's version of Infection, my only statement -

ლ(ლ) Why not!?

For last night i went on a Infected playing spree, i enjoyed it so much, you did good here. But as most might agree, the match's just go by way to fast, i mean at one point i swear it was about 30 second's long, and i (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. Round's would be perfect! I honestly would suggest at least four rounds each game, i noticed you guy's tried speeding up the games, by giving the intermission a very short period of time, 12 second's i believe?(Typing to much, going to play a round of Infected, just wait. Okay back) Rounds. Perfect fit in this.

     Now i know people will say, "But without Throwing Knife's how will we kill dem damm Camzoar's? Those damm Camzoar's need to L2P." now as I have said, Rounds -> Alpha Zombie -> Throwing Knife -> good 2 go. from year's of just straight up playing infection, I learned that even the Zombie's need to know how to work as a time. In Infection, it's not about the kill's, don't you dare worrying about your death's. It's about survival. Yes I do mean for the Human's and the Zombie's. Two Faction's, one will come out on top by eliminating the other. I've played infection on Halo 2, Halo 3, REACH, CoD4, MW2, Black Op's, MW3, Counter Strike, and then some. Survivors should game, it's the winning strategy. I've done the run around the map with a group of people, the hiding in a dark place, hoping they won't find you, and other's. Staying in a area with 1 - 3 entrances is the best. (Is now remembering the time's on Lila Panic [Counter Strike Source] camping in that little room, blocking the door with vending machine or bullets)


So my suggestions, thought's and opinions.

     -Add a Alpha Zombie

     - Add Rounds

     - remove Throwing Knife from Common Infected


     The Alpha Zombie should differ from the Common Infected though. I'd say make him normal speed, and give the AZ at least Ballistic Vest. also since the playlist is 18 people a lobby, you could make it 3-5 AZ's.

     Another thought, is i noticed that now in Modern Warfare 3 custom games, you can make it so that players can use their own loadout's, but if you wanted to you can add restriction's to what is available for them to use. Why not just do this instead of lot's of gamemode's with a different weapon for survivors? So that we can use our own loadout's.

     So there, congrat's you've made it to the end of my discussion. Here's a cookie, i tend to give them out even for the smallest achievements.

So what do you think about all this ^

┬──┬ ¯\_(ツ)