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Elite biggest waste of money.


I got the hardened edition of Modern Warfare 3 when it came out. Elite being down for a month, I kept getting emails of acitivision telling me that it would be up soon. I stayed in there with them and now I regret it. I should have returned it the day I bought it. I should have never bought the game. Activision cant make a simple website! This is completely un acceptible. I spent 2 hours on the phone with activision, and an hour on the phone with xbox live trying to get my money back for a product that doesnt work. Activision told me that I would have to get a refund through xbox live because Activision does not have control over the accounts. When I talked to xbox live they told me that it was past the refund date so they couldnt give a refund. I told them the product didnt even work for the duration of the refund period. Activision has lost me as a customer.

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    Hello Jay...if you search the threads you will find a number of people in various countries have received refunds and outline their methods. If you live in the west you are likely covered by consumer protection laws backed by an independent regulatory watch dog or Ombusman if you will.


    If you search Elite and say Maccabi...you may have seen his posts....you will come up trumps......good luck.


    For the record I like Elite...but then I am was only after the discount on DLC and basic functions...plus I know it will improve over time with addition features.


    Yours in CoD