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Boosting alone =D


Hey hey gamers, i have had a thought about how to get booster, hackers and glitchers to play on there own basically if everyone just avoids the player that is boosting,glitching or hacking then eventually they wont have anyone to play with othere than all the other boosters, hackers and glitchers


i know this would take sometime but it will work, so if you come across a booster, glitcher or hacker just report,avoid and move on


when IW eventualy find these ppl that call themselves LEGIT players they will have a bloody field day because there will be one giant lobby of them all HA


And TBH i would not like to be in that lobby, think about it, a wole lobby of hackers with infinate HP HAHA they would be bored as hell


Thanks, this thread is a thought so dont troll please.


<3 TizZle