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Suade gaming is recruiting! We are level 15! Anyone is welcome to join!

Suade gaming is recruiting! We are a level 15 clan with 64 members and counting. We are looking to expand to ps3 in the future but as of now are on xbox. Ps3 players will not be turned down. Joining will give you access to our clan title, golden clan tag, and 2 hours of double xp! When clan operations are released we plan to enlist in as many as we can and level up fast to get all of the clan benefits. Founders are encouraged to join because they are the only way to rank up a clan at the moment. Our players are a mix of casual and competitive players that party up very often. Founders who use their xp bonus will never be kicked from the clan no matter what. Premium, founder and free membership players are welcome to join. K/D requirements are nothing below .95. For players with lower ratios you will need to speak to a member of the clan. We have a youtube and twitter account for clan purposes. We plan to make a competitive gamebattles team for our players and have a 100 person clan. If you are interested post below of message FrontalDevildog on xbox live.