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Just a thought before you post a video. (EDIT)


If you are planning on posting a video of gameplay on the forums there are a few things I would like for you to think of.



THE GAME MODE - Depending on the game mode make sure you are playing the objective and doing what is best to help your team win. (ex. not kill whoring in objective modes) If you still fill the need to post a video be prepared for criticism.


COMMENTS - If someone who comments doesn't like your gameplay don't take it as a personal attack on our gameplay take it as a suggestion on how to improve. Try to be nice to anyone commenting to avoid drawn out and pointless arguments.



REMEMBER WHY YOU ARE POSTING - If you are posting to try to show off how "pro" or "good" you are and people aren't impressed you can't get mad. If you are posting asking for help then make sure you take that help.



Those are some of the main things I see important. If anyone thinks something should be added feel free to comment and I will edit.