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COD 9 Ideas


I've been doing Perk balancing for about a little over a year now (started right after Black Ops was released) and I think I have finally have an extremely balanced Perk System. This "Ideal Perk System" is practically based on given information from Black Ops & MW3. Other information was gathered from ALL previous Call of Duty games as well.


The following below are IDEAS that I would think that would make a great addition to the Game's Mechanics (Gameplay-wise), Perk balance, and additional equipment that could be added. This thread however is mainly focused on the Perk System, because that is what I have been doing for the past year: 'Creating a balanced perk system for a COD game, because there is ALWAYS something overpowered and I don't even know why the developers even though about making this an "ok" thing to do.'


With that said, here are my Ideas:

NOTE: You will see 2 Ideal Perk System links. 1 for a system if Proficiencies were added into the next game, and 1 system if Proficiencies were removed for the next game. In addition, the system with Proficiencies may not be "as" balanced as the Black Ops style system. The Black Ops style perk system is still most recomended however.



= With Proficiencies =

Ideal Perk System

Proficiency Chart


= Without Proficiencies =

Ideal Perk System ~ {Black Ops style}


【GAME MECHANICS】~ Suggestions

What I would like for Future COD games to have in their game mechanics are of the following below:

Players are to start with 1 Lethal grenade, 1 Tactical grenade, and 1 Equipment.

~ Instead of having 2 Tactical grenades, you are given 1, unless you are using the Warlord perk which grants you 1 extra Lethal and Tactical for a total of 4 grenades. The reason why I thought this was a better choice because in fact, players love to spam their grenades across the map or throw 2 Tacticals to make sure players are completely effected by the Tactical grenade, thus an automatic kill or death, depending on the situation. I believe that 1 Tactical grenade is sufficiant enough to assist you on taking down players. Although, this is just my opinion.

Killstreaks can now become selected in a cycle using the Down Button (D-Pad).

~ A great idea for the community to bring up, and so good that Infinity Ward added the ability to use the D-Pad to control which killstreak you wanted of choice. However, because this is going into Treyarch's game, we have to add Equipment. Because Equipment occupies the Up Arrow (D-pad), this makes it harder for players to choose killstreaks at choice, however, because nothing was used on the Down Arrow (D-Pad), this could be used to cycle through killstreaks. It may not be a universal selection like in MW3, however, it's still a way to go through your killstreaks of choice.

Strike Package similarities are added into game.

~ Thanks to MW3's way of separating not only the Killstreak so that every loadout contains a different killstreak of choice, but that they separated the killstreaks from those who are Assault, Support, or a Specialist. This idea NEEDS to be in the next game for it was a great idea to give players on what specific role each class will play.

Unlock Gear first before buying with COD Points.

~ COD points was actually a unique idea that Treyarch had established, however, the ability to purchase any gear with a certain price was a flaw. This didn't give players a real goal to thrive themselves to earn a gear that they could just get with a few COD Points. I believe that Treyarch SHOULD bring back COD Points, however, they will need to make it so that players must unlock it first before purchasing their gear. Unlocked Gear should become more expensive the more you unlock.


~ Everyone loves their customization, so what I would like to see is not only being able to Customize Emblems and Model faces with face paint, I would love to customize Weapon camo. We all know that Treyarch said that character customization like adding helmets, gear, boots, etc... would not happen, however, they could add another customization option to add designs, shapes, and pictures on the weapon camos.


What everyone likes to see are different Equipment and Grenades. Looking at the special effects each equipment/grenade has to offer, changes up the game in special situations. Here are some additional equipment/grenades that could be added for the next game:

Incendiary Grenade (Lethal)

~ Because there was fire damage using the Napalm Strike killstreak and the Flamethrower attachment in Black Ops, I thought that a good addition would be to add the Incendiary grenade. This grenade will be heavy for you will not be able to throw far with this than any other grenade. Once this grenade is thrown, it will burst out fire in a small radius. There will be no fuse time hence this grenade will explode on the first thing it hits. This grenade will burn a designated target or wherever it is thrown for 2 seconds. Any player who steps in the fire will burn themselves for a very short period of time. If a player is impacted by the Incendiary grenades, then it become an automatic death while the player's corpes will continue to burn for 2 seconds after death. The Incendiary grenade will be categorized as a Lethal Grenade.

EMP Grenade (Tactical)

~ With the idea taken from Homefront, MW3 was able to implement the EMP grenade, allowing the effects to destroy equipment and sentries and to disable player electronics for a period of time. This was and still is a great idea to counter killstreaks and equipment without stunning them. Having the EMP grenade with the shortest fuse time, like in MW3, this can become a valuable Tactical grenade to take out obstacles that blocks your way.

ASPRO-A (Equipment)

~ Another name for the Trophy System in MW3. This very useful equipment has made its purpose to belong in a Call of Duty game. This piece of delacate equipment will intercept and stop up to 2 incoming rockets, missiles, grenades or equipment that is thrown into the dome-like radius. Another great addition to stop spamming.

S-Mine (Equipment)

~ Another name for the Bouncing Betty in MW3. This is acted as an alternative for the Claymore for which it is harder to see when thrown with it's small plate-shaped figure. However, this might be an alternative, the drawback to this is that players who are to prone after a triggered clicking noise will not be damaged. The S-Mine, once triggered, will fly into the air before exploding in a 360 degree radius.



Laser Sight

~ The Laser Sight is an attachment that will increase hip-fire accuracy for your weapon. Because of a unsure answered tweet from David Vonderhaar, he said that the team might be taking out the favorable Steady Aim perk, because it has to do with enhancing your weapon's stats. I was able to successfully create a Perk System that didn't require Steady Aim, because my idea was to have this improve the weapon, instead of a perk doing it. This Laser Light will emit a small laser pointer from the bottom of the weapon, increasing the accuracy in which to fire from the hip. This attachment should be used with every weapon categories (including some secondaries).


~ The Bipod attachment allows a player to increase accuracy and reduce recoil while prone, However this attachment can only be used for weapons in the Sniper and LMG categories. With MW3's ability to have extremely low recoil and accuracy while prone with LMGs by default, this takes that default ability and turns it into an attachment for those who wish to improve their weapon significantly for LMGs and to Snipers (for a more sniper role).



Weapons play-out their role.

~ In every Call of Duty game, there are always weapons that are underpowered, never used, outclassed, and overall just not worth using. In Black Ops, they had similar weapons that had similar iron sights and similar stats, also known as "Clones". Black Ops had a very nice presentation to bring the "balance" in a Call of Duty game after MW2, however, the weapons were not unique enough to become a weapon of their own. I suggest that if Treyarch wants to add "Cloned" stats for weapons, then create a bank of weapons similar to Battlefield 3, otherwise create weapons that have their own unique feel, yet without making them underclassed. I also suggest NOT using very similar iron sights for weapons.

Shotguns need a balanced buff.

~ MW2 had very balanced shotguns to an extent, however, they were only balanced because of map design and how they played out. The big mistake was that Infinity Ward made Shotguns secondaries instead of Primaries. Keep a similar balance between map design and the power for shotguns.

Allow Dedicated Servers.

~ I know for a fact that COD might never have Dedicated Servers for everyone, however, it is something that the community dies for. Taking away the issues of Host Migration and relying on Host is a fabulous thing to get rid of. Homefront was one of a smaller game that supplied Dedicated Servers for all, even if they started out a bit bumpy. Having these will improve the Call of Duty franchise and help stop players from complainig about Lag Compensation or of some sort.



With all information filled listed above, I should now be done with my ideas. I hope you like my ideas and hope to see if Treyarch got this messege, because I can really help them out.


This thread will continue to be updated if neccessary. Remember, this thread is mainly focus on the Perk System.

Tell me what you think of my ideas (mostly the perk system)!

  • Re: COD 9 Ideas

    I agree with almost everything you said but I enjoy having 2 tac grenades and I also think that if you have scavenger you should be able to replenish your grenades. I completely agree with the custom weapon Camo's I've been pushing that one aswell. If they had a gun template with automatic borders and shading and just let us go to town on it like we could with the emblems. Why can't we choose our armour and camo? Make it fully custom. Also I think the engine is awesome and works really well don't do what MW did and start a new one that doesn't feel the same Treyarch. Pleeaasse!