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Apparently they made the lag worse. DONE WITH MW3 FOR GOOD.

So i spent a cpl months out of town and stopped playing while i was gone. Actually i played a couple times on dsl wifi with 3 mbps and 90ms ping and the game was twice as easy (nother story)


So recently i decided to give it a try again. Bunch of new updates. no fix on the lag/skill level compensation. no new maps for non elite.

The lag is actually worse than ever before. now half the people in every lobby have two bars while i have a 30/15mb down/up and 20ms ping to google.


I played for an hour or so. backed out of about 20 games. then did the same thing the next day, then packed my xbox back up for storage. and put mw3 up on craigslist. just a waste of time.

Even less bullets register than before. a couple friends of mine said they were unable to play for a while untill they called and had their internet changed to a lower tier.


Im not going to go through all that bullshit to play cod. i already did all i could to upgrade my everything and get my latency as low as possible.

if they cant figure it out with the billions they have made than they can **** themselves. its an insult to buy a game thats rated m for mature, and realize that its designed soley for 10 year olds. every body wins. yay. wifi wins yays.


maybe the next game from the series will be on point (lol). I will not buy it though, even if its the best game so far. i doubt it will be any better.


This game teaches kids how ****** up these large american corporations are. they took a great game and manipulated the fans the best they could for the highest profits possible. out of 20 friends that are online usually, only a couple of them will be playing this game. even black ops had more real gamers playing towards the end and that game was ****. way to ruin something good. you should make the next one cod spongebob warfare.


I would say they failed at this game. But they did excactly what they wanted. they know its popularity was at its peek so they made the game more "even" so the average tennager would have more fun playing it. thats cool for profits, but it remove al competitiveness from the game. Its no fun barely breaking even for 8 games. then 1 game getting 50 kills and 5 deaths. and the very next game you go 5 kills and 20 deaths againsts the same group of 12 year olds, and their saying how good they are.


I guess the average person is either stoned, drunk or just not as observant as others. how do people not notice something wrong when you have to knive someone three times in the back just to have them shoot the wall facing the opposite direction once and kill you.


Anyways, im saying farewell COD. I gave you a hell of a chance.


i hope more people will do the same. Do something contructive with your time, like MAKE MONEY insted of giving it greedy people who like to rip kids off.  same people who target kids for cigarette sales. how do they sleep at night.