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    yeah i guess we got a little off topic...lol


    But I hear you; and agree whole heartily; that's what I say. and keep it to the point; point being unkept promises.


    hey not to take this farther off topic, but we do play a mix of HC DOM DEMO and CTF.usually around 6:00pm PST if you can handle a west coast ping you're more then welcome.

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    I was going to ask this. It seemed to me that there are far fewer cheaters int he game I have been joining, so I was going to ask if the VAC Ban Hammer was dropped during this last patch.

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    hey that's great. I group with folks in san Francisco all the time, and the ping is rough. I have servers activated, howz the best way to find you?

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    Watch out  for some of these Servers posing as legit when really are alot of cheaters just not as discusting as IWnet.

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    poison_pawn wrote:


    UKReaper wrote:


    People want to play "ranked servers". You knew there wasn't going to be ranked dedicated server for mw3 & should have realized unranked servers would be a baron wasteland because people want to play mw3 the way they played mw2 and blops. They don't care if they are playing on dedicated or p2p they want to get some kills get XP then change & create classes between rounds or whatever, the fun is "ranking up".

    They need to add ranked dedicated servers or fix the game.


    Jumping into a server and playing against SUKO who can "beat aimbots" (lol) Isn't the answer to anyones problem. He's blaming us for not playing in dedicated unranked server As if we're the problem? you +1 that? wtf? Keep your dedicated unranked server! Most of us aren't interested unless they made it into a "Ranked Dedicated Server" You and suko can't accept that?

    UNRANKED DEDICATED SERVERS ARE EMPTY AND USELESS!!! The gaming company made it this way not us.

    +1 vinny

    I'm all good with that: so why are you complaining? either play here, there, or nowhere.

    it's your choice.


    oh I +1ed it because it's the truth.

    the thing I'm on about here is the lack of documentation concerning dedicated server. they are a viable alternative to lagnet but if i didn't waist my time promoting then hardly any one would even know they exist.


    I hate hackers as much as any one; you ought to know that by now. and I advocate ranked servers.

    but i also KNOW that's not going to happen this round; It is what it is.

    and if it comes down to the lesser of two evils; I'm going to pick less evil.

    and hollering dedicated servers are useless!! is just not true.

    I don't enjoy Lagerhacknet and i won't play in it; that's why i never bought MW2

    but if you want to stay in laggsville, hack land, and shake you fist at the sky; more power to you.


    But as long as there are dedicated servers that's where I'll be.


    Haha, UKReaper, I do =/.. I've been since 1.6.. ;D lmfao, Ranked. You kids complain about THAT too don't you? OMG THE TOP IS FULL OF HACKKERSSS BROO. Well man, then why does it mean something if it's never been legit? And as I said, YOU complain of the lack of servers, yet YOU won't join them, and as I stated, get your friends in there.. If people look, see a low pinged server with 5/6 people, easily ottainable if you aren't a a$$hole, as within 1 month of playing, I've aquired 50+ friends, from them adding me, and have gotten them to start playing dedi. Amazing right?



    and +1 to poison, good job man, I was at work :@..We all have lives .. and I still have to play the laggy hacked lobbies whenever my wifey wants to play >_>..

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    Welcome to the world of P2P matchmaking. Perfect for consoles, but crap for PC. Without ranked dedi servers there is really no hope for this game.


    For PC you need ranked dedi servers, so people can make a real choice how they want to play.


    Screw the stats…for ranked dedi servers make it so it is server specific. Who cares about leaderboards and crap…Keep the stats like the old days when people made them to run on a server level. I played on a couple of servers and was happy to have my stats tracked on those servers. It also went a long way to keep the hacking down as well…


    Ahh the good old days when things worked and people had a choice!

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    I bet you can't get a game where your not #1 that is not filled with hackers...just saying....BTW...Eat Toast much?

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    Yes indeed! There are plenty of cheaters defending cheaters when it comes to personally owned public servers. The problem is many of these servers are clan run servers that put together teams to play tournaments in certain leagues like TWL, the goal is to be the top team in the league and to do this many teams resort to using cheats and claim it's skill forcing you to buy this crock of crap as you play in their server. I stay away from these type of idiot run clan servers.

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    You think that's bad? FFS on the wii we have frikkin god mode+moon jump+no reload+aimbot+wall hack+insta-kill+demotion, before you bit** about hacks here go play on the wii a bit.

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    Wii is a digital bowling alley. COD on wii? get real. Trying to play cod on wii is your 1st and only problem.

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