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Where's the support?

I know that the majority of the focus for MW3 is put on the xbox 360 and the ps3, however, The Wii version of this game has been a bit...well...put bluntly...abused.  We've had 2 patches to my knowledge, and when we inquire about when the next one will be to have the weapon rebalancing, or the killstreaks getting fixed, all we get told is "No information is available at this time."  And those two patches? They were to fix gamebreaking glitches, yet our air support almost never gets kills due to them still lagshooting (aiming in front of the players rather than at them.)  We have hackers running rampant through the game.  We have NOT had any weapon rebalancing patches.  Can I possibly get an answer besides: "no information is available right now."?  That's all we hear, and there are people leaving the Call of Duty series because of this.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could get any knowledge as to what our adimins and developers are doing, instead of patching the game.  We went almost 2 months without a patch.  The first patch was December 2, 2011, and then we recently (a few weeks ago) had a second one.


Frequently there are discussions about hackers in the game.  There are glitches everywhere.  We paid forthis game like everybody else, yet we get barely any support.  While I know that Nintendo is in fact a bit of an obsticle with patching, this still does not warrent the lack of support.  We are not even informed of what is going on.  The last forum wide update for us was a month ago.  It is actually notable when WiiAdmin logs into the forums.  If you think I'm joking, scroll through the list of the topics, count how many times people create a thread to post that WiiAdmin has logged in.  It's embarressing.  We all paid the same price for the game that everybody bought, why should we get less support?

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    Agreed on every way eckon, as wii payed to for the game, we should get support to.

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    Agreed, paying more MW3 than I paid from BO and I get game with more issues...

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    Is there a technical suport forum area?

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    Some of the issues present on Wii:


    - damage glitch

    - no-recoil glitch

    - map glitches

    - no weapon rebalancing (FMG9's are still hilariously fun-ruining)

    - rampant hacking (not patchable, but you could make the current hacks obsolete)

    - killstreaks lag-shoot

    - new game modes (Infection, Team Juggernaut, etc) are on the disc. Hackers can play them, we can't.

    - lack of support & communication from Treyarch/Activision - please do something about this - we are paying customers too. Thank you.

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    If it makes you feel any better (and it probably won't)  PS3 users have some of the same issues, even though we do get responses from support.


    The responses we get are:

    1.  We are working on it.

    2.  Look at your system/router settings.  (meainnig, It's probably your fault.)

    3.  We will look into it.

    4.  It will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

    5.  We are testing it so when we release it it will actually work.

    6.  You didn't read the fine print.

    6.  We need more information before we can respond.

    7.  Go to Activision support and submit a ticket.  (afterwhich, your ticket is thrown into file 13, never to be looked at again OR you are referred to the FAQ section and THEN your ticket is thrown into file 13 never to be looked at again.  Either way, in a few days you will get a message stating "We have not heard from you, so we are closing your ticket.")

    6.  Any of the above reworded so they sound like different responses.


    Sometimes no help at all is better than the help you do get.  I do understand that Wii and PC users are typically placed in a holding area and subsequently forgotten about.  It's not right.  You guys paid for the game just like we did, but don't get any respect.

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    I want answers Activision.  Where are our patches?

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    Hello All,


    We hear you loud and clear. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA available to us for a resolution on these issues, but we will forward your concerns to the proper channels.

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    totally agree. ive only just bought mw3 on wii and i cant even get online. It just says "please wait"; and my connection is fine and ive downloaded v.130.0 If anyone can tell me whats going on that would be great.