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What needs to be fixed?

Many things are better now than in the beginning. There is still room for improvement. State your case:

• Cheating/Hacking of course. That should not have to be stated to a software company... it's a no brainer. These folks make it work- http://uac.ac/#news

• For my part I think EMP is too God like, it trumps everything and that's not how rock, paper, scissors works. If you have Assassin you don't get the effects to your "person", but still none of your streaks work. That should change. Assassin should allow your streaks to work.

• [Hardline, Recon and EMP] are overused. There is no excuse for having to play a whole game EMPed, with no counter for that.

• Akimbo on Machine Pistols is inappropriate... hand guns only.