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    I agree with this. I think the weapons and perks are fairly well balanced, the strike packages are a good addition, as is the presitge token system. Black Ops was my first CoD game, and I miss a few of the features available there like wager matches and combat training. I don't care for death streaks, but I guess they're sort of standard for the IW CoDs. I think this game could be good if the network and connection issues were resolved.

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    i wennt through 3 host migrations during a game & i was on a role then everyone start timing out

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    MW3 isn't on the MLG circut because Activision/IW won't make some necessary changes to the game that are needed to support MLG play. They need to add custom classes and a 60 second timer before games in LAN parties in order for it to work, and they haven't and won't be doing so.


    I really like MW3 tbh. Its a solid game, there are a few flaws, but overall I like the pace. I'd rather spawn right on top of people and get a few crap deaths here and there instead of spawning like I did in Black Ops and needing Marathon Pro so I can get back into the action in reasonable time.

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    MW3 isn't on the circuit because the developers refused to add certain things to LAN, I'm sure you knew that as well... This game is so much more fun to play & watch than BO, in BO the mlg matches were FAMAS vs FAMAS, in mw3 you have acr's, pp90's, mp7's, ump's, g36 etc.. I really like mw3, especially when I compare it to boring ops.

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    I can't beileve after 3 piece of **** games in a row (mw2,black ops, mw3) you guys will still buy another one ?  Seriously when will you guys learn they will never innovate or make a proper game until you guys stop buying.

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    safe to say i really like this game, i rarely have any issues with it so all good. I also wasnt a fan of black ops but hey thats just me

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    Agreed .. At least Black Ops only sucked half of the time ..

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    Moon Head 92

    Well i buy it because i still enjoy it, but like it's been said before, even if people stop buying, there will always be much more new people buying it.

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    SplitUrWig wrote:


    I am happy that MW3 wasn't made as NOOB friendly as Black Ops.


    Death streaks? What exactly is not noob-friendly about Dead Man's Hand? Akimbo FMG9s? Stealth bomber in the support package?  I love the Support package, but even I will admit it is a Noob Assistance Device. The maps are cluttered with garbage and consist mostly of narrow walkways, where you are constantly bumping into your team mates just trying to get anywhere. The guns barely have any recoil, and have higher damage, so you barely have to aim in order to take out an enemy. I'm not saying I hate MW3, but I think it is clearly the noobier game when compared to Black Ops.

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    I don't fully agree as I like most parts of the game and not others. Here is a real quick list of pros/cons.


    Pros -


    Unlock weapon attachments, proficiencies, etc. through using the weapon and gaining XP for that gun rather than purchasing them via COD points.


    Game modes. New game modes are pretty cool (drop zone, infected). Gives the gamers a bit of a change of pace.  I think they are still missing some HC modes, though.


    Killstreaks. I know support streaks are easy to get, but it gives those that are less skilled a chance.  There are plenty of ways to counter air support. I personally use specialist because I like the feeling of getting as many kills as I can without the benefit of some type of air support, sentry gun, etc.


    Cons -


    Theater mode is a joke. No Dolly camera. Little moments of lag during playback where your player does this little double take move. Kind of annoying. Not rending in HD as players were promised (or at least it was rumored, not sure). You can't go into theater mode without completely leaving your party. you can't let others watch games with you.. Black ops theater mode was far better.


    Inconsitencies from game to game with lag/lag comp. I've really experienced this since I've started using the Model 1887 shotgun more. I can drop one guy from 25 feet away with one shot (damage proficiency or range), but then shoot another directly in the face while they lay prone capping a flag and get a hit marker. I also get hit markers on guys sitting in corners from 2 feet away. Doesn't makes sense. Maybe it's just the gun though. I still love the gun either way. it's definitely a challenge to use that's for sure.


    Support package offers very powerful killstreaks that are too easily attained in my opinion. I like that they're offered, but something like the stealth bomber should be a higher streak.


    Dead Man's hand. At CODXP they said no Final Stand. Instead they went and made it even more powerful with C4 and primary weapon use. Really 402, no really? I mean last stand in black ops was dumb enough, but at least avoidable since they had only a pistol. In this game if they have something like a type 95 or dual FMGs and you drop them you better be very quick or you're done for.

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