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    Well I got to Prestige three Level 80 yesterday and I have just stopped. It just makes me mad now so I have gone to back to the Uncharted series and Red Dead for some stress free gaming. Although Spec Ops is a good, but underused and undervalued, part of the game that I play from time to time, but online ?? .. nah. I might go check out some of the DLC I have paid for through Elite out of curiosity but that will be it.


    The game is so laggy that it's ridiculous, add in the fact that the maps are so tight and that makes it so much worse. IW dont seem to care, do they fix the lag ??, no they make more Prestige levels in a broken game. They make the audio quality better and suddenly your ability to ignore it through setting the voice volume to zero is broken ??, typical of the shoddy customer service we have come to expect from IW and Activision. COD4 rocked, MW2 was the start of the slide and MW3 is the death of it for me. Blops isnt even worth mentioning, I have it but havent played it since August. It sits like a steaming dog poo on the whole sorry franchise.


    But the biggest factor for me in stopping are some of the players, the camping is ridiculous and especially in Kill Confirmed. Where some people camp in a game mode that is all about collecting tags, these people are a fricking joke. I went into FFA for a laugh and all that was missing from that game on Interchange was the tumbleweed blowing past !!


    It pains me to say it, I love a lot about MW3 but it's time to move on and leave the game to the kids.

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    Nice logic.  Kiss your Justin Bieber poster for me.   This game had low January sales because, OOPS, SUPRISE!!! Everyone bought it in November and December.  I bought Black Ops in January last year because I was skeptical, I should have flushed the money down the toilet.

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    You see I have an issue with re-plies like the one supersayia mentions, first why are you on this thread if (and it sounds like) you don't own MW2, BOPS and MW3? Now my second peeze is how the hell can you tell others what is a proper game? Do you have your own gaming label, do you create video games for the PS3 system? What ba''lls some people have to say the most idiotic things.

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    No I think it is a very fun game as long as ur not a tryhard and you just want to have fun and win.  I mean I don't just goof off but I don't scream at it or anything its just fun

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    BO is too slow.. Im a Modern Warfare...'errr lol

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    I like it cod4 still the best of the lot. Black ops. Couldn't play it it was so bad total PISH

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    What's the point of playing if you don't tryhard to win, the simple fact is that most take this game seriously and to them that's the only way to have fun, i try to win, i take this game seriously and that's the only way i have fun.


    There are times you play against skilled players, but most of the times you are fighting the game itself (aka the lag comp, matchmaking constantly putting you into a foreign lobby, framerate slowdowns, people that screw around with their connection and so on, when that's the case (which is most of the times the game is absolute garbage).


    My final take is this game is garbage because you end up fighting with the game more than against skilled players.

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    i agree.


    MW3 = Broken BS infinity

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    I love this game. I have a great time playing this games together with the clan.

    Alone its not that fun. But that is personal. Not due to the game.


    Lag hardly occurs in my games. Love the weapons, fast pace gameplay, not that many airsupport called in as in MW2.

    I hated the 100 called in air support in that game. People getting 30-4 but only killed 5 people with an actual gun.


    So MW3 for me is great.


    If people would just play the game. Enjoy and would point out the good things of this game instead of only looking for the bad things they would start enjoying it to.

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    exactly how i see it buddy.


    When you get a hit marker on 2 different people with an MSR in HC search & Destroy like i did the other day its time to call it a day.



    I don't care what any of these young kids say who have only experienced MW2/MW3 all i have to say is COD 4 was the best MW game and always will be,my reasons for me saying that are below.


    All guns more or less useful


    All perks Basicly useless(and there wasn't many or stupid PRO versions)


    Hit detection was and is the best i have ever seen in the cod series


    Kill streaks were rewarded for good play


    Kill streaks didnt dominate the game cause there were only UAV/Air Strike/Chopper


    Really good sized maps


    It's only bad points against the other games is it didn't have host migration,why they didn't just bring out another 20 maps and new weapons for it each year and charge £45 is beyond me,ow and intergrate host migration.


    MW1=fun skilled battles

    MW2=perk won battles

    MW3=more perk dominated fights


    Lets get one thing right Activision,we don't want to counter the oppersition with perks,we want to counter them with good skill using our guns and cover,nothing more.


    R.I.P MW1

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