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someone prove me wrong

Everytime i enter a lobby, and i see someone with a 2.0 or higher kd... I know its going to be a campfest from them. Now im decent. Im an objective player.. ill be the first person to jump on every objective, and i maintain a decent KD doing it (1.55)... But im sick and tired of getting into these lobbies with these players. who do nothing but sit in corners, surrounded by their motion sensor, way away from the objective just kill whoring. Now i know KD doesnt mean anything in objective based games. But can someone plz prove me wrong, because for once, id like to see someone whos greater than a 2.0 whos actually and objective player, and doesnt sit in one spot all game. Im prestige 3 level 47, and have honestly yet to see one


The worst part of it all. Is these KD whores, are the biggest **** talkers of them all... Just got done playing with a kid who goes by the name of " hot sauce v2"... checked out his stats before game. I see a 3.54 kd. Domination is selected. so im praying to god hes on the other team ( easy win for us)... unfortunately he was not. Anyways we ended up winning the game ( due to me and a team mate holding down B and C on villiage) and at the game, i see him on the very bottom of the points list, with 6 kills and 0 deaths. So i go into theater mode, and what do you know. right off the start he runs to the 4 way choke point between B and A, throws down his motion sensor, than runs behind a fridge in one of the cover areas, and literally just sits there the ENTIRE game, with just the top of his head popping out.


I mean why even pay $60 for a game, if youre just going to sit in a corner the entire time? Its people like this, who are the reason, why a game i completely hate ( battlefield) is eventually going to run this game into the ground!!!


Anyways thats my rant... im sure everyones heard it all a million times before. but had to get it off my chest.But if someone with a 2.0+ kd , who actually plays objectively, would like to play sometime. id love to see you in action. so hit me up

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    I play in a party of 4-6 people usually that rotates between 8 or so available players.  We run around triple capping all game long while killing the other team.  4 out of the 8 have k/ds above 2.  I have numerous people on my friends list that play other game types like TDM and FFA that have k/ds above 3 without camping.

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    The bad thing is people are going to camp on any shooter game and they always will. It all depends on how the person likes to play

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    Hit me up I play obj and have a 2.04 kd.


    gt: Chrizweave

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    I dont understand what you are looking for. TBH most of the time when I hear people complaining about "camping". They are auctually complaining about playing the objective. You said you and your team were defending b and c. Can that be called camping. Another example is on SnD when people complain about camping when teams play defence instead of running into they enemy spawn. I have found in my experiance that camping is in the eye of the beholder. Most people use this and many other things as an excuse to lose. Instead of adressing their own weakness and trying to get better. Its easy to blame other people and not adress your own weaknesses.

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    i dont care if someone camps. hell if i get killed by someone 10 times, when im tryin to capture B, all the power to them. they're doing their job, they're defending the flag. Its the campers, who go no where near the objective, and sit in a corner all game. Dont do anything to help your team, and all the do is try and pad their stats. Those are the campers that drive me nuts. Typically because they are the first to talk **** after the game, on how great they are


    Example mr 3.54 kd that went 6-0 in my game, bragged about how he pooped on the other team and how amazing he is at this game, and how no one could kill him

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    Wel I agree with you 100%. I play on a team where everybody has a job. We have a range or 20/1-10/1 W/L and 1.3-4.0 K/D. We get called campers every game. Mostly by people who dont understand what the term means. I love little kids that say I did great in a dom game when they sit behind their only point and snipe. It makes me lol.  We play a ton of Dom and SnD. I think these kids cry the most IMO. Well I like to think so becasue if not then the other gametypes must be awful.

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    Camper kills me once, shame on them, kills me twice, shame on me.


    End of discussion.


    Same goes for spawn rushing, defending flags etc. If you know somebody is in your spawn, cudo's to him for being there and killing me once, if I let him kill me again, meh, i suck.

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    ^^^This right here. I was going to post the same thing after i read the OP. Also I play a group of people that have 2.00 kdr and they don't camp we "HOLD DOWN THE OBJECTIVE" but I'm guessing you call that camping since your the one that keeps on running into it.. hmmm? Camping is a person that stays in one spot that is not around an objective. So if you get killed anywhere close to the Flag, Bomb Site, Drop Zone or anywhere in their side of the map in search (When being on Offensive), you cant complain, And I'm sorry but TDM is just all camping because there's no telling where he will be. So he might be in this corner to kill you and a different corner next. That's not camping that's you running past a corner without looking. Stop running around like a crazy man and take your time... I promise you'll do better.

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    I have 4.79k/d and i do not camp... i have currently achieved 30+ MOABs. its how you play and i have had my style of playing since CoD4. I am not a "Objective" player but more of a "Slayer" player. In Sabotage, i would hover around the bomb but more on D killing the enemy then ever picking the bomb up. Domination, i patrol from the two flags my team has. Never capturing the flag but advancing head a bit to defend the guys capturing. Kill confirmed, i dont collect the tags. In all i think i help whatever gametype because i reduce the number of killstreaks the other team gets throughout the whole match.


    Your never going to play a game where no one camps..... usually those players dont skill and have to resort to that kind of method or style. Now defending is different and i hope you understand the differents in the two because its mostly decided on what gametype.


    I use Blindeye, AssassinPro and that seems to be perfect against the guys that use baby monitors (Heartbeat sensor nickname from CoD4)

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