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Looking for some Chinese players to start a clan or play together

Hi, I was just wondering if there're any Chinese gamers who have also been playing MW3 in the US.


If there's any, maybe we can start a clan or something, or at least play the game together sometime, that'd be fun for sure.


I'm Chinese myself, currently live in the US and I love MW3 so much that me and a buddy we play it everyday.


It'd be awesome if we can find someone just like us, who just want to have some fun playing it together.


I'm a founder, my K/D is about 1.4 (it's rather irrelevant if u ask me), and I play awful lots of Kill Confirmed.


We're not looking to start a clan with dead serious players, just wanna have people play together and have fun.


So reply if you're interested and before I wrap this up, I just wanna say that:


racists, haters and the immature plz just leave, cos I'm so tired of your BS that I hear everyday through your in-game whining.


I just dont get it why people start swearing and cursing immediately as they get killed, and calling everybody names like a maniac.