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MW3 vs MW2 ?

I have MW3 and after playing for a few months and think it is a well made game and very playable but I felt it fell flat to Black Ops. I decided to have a go of MW2 and this had more staying power and was more fun to play than MW3. The levels seem more set out for a fair game and not too confusing, like high rise level. It seems they have over complicated the levels on MW3 and taken the fun factor out and now I have been playing MW2 for a few weeks and loving it as it has brought some good memories back. What does everyone else think??

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    MW2- Tons of innovation. So much potential. Couldn't reach the potential because of hell braking loose at Activision and the TRUE IW.

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    id choose mw3 any day no more oma d/c tube spamming, no m/l/c knifers and no game ending nuke

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    Black ops was complete garbage beside the map designs.  All of the guns were the same unless they were just plain odd or OP like the FAMAS and AK-74u. 

    MW2 was super fun besides some of the more broken things.

    I think the complication in MW3 is so you won't get too tired of the levels since you will be playing them for the next year.

    MW3 is very innoavative, but it innovated on the brilliance that was MW2 so people complain that isn't something completely brand new.

    Seriously, Pointstreaks for doing what you should be doing, 2 brand new kill streaks ideas, all new maps, more guns, new equipment, profeciencies, community playlists, daily/weekly challenges, etc. are brilliant. 

    People just hate because when you come out with 200 things, someone will find a problem with a few of them. 

    And they need to drop the Black Ops trash latency connectivity junk.

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    Both games are good and in my revolving playlist, along with BLOPs and some non-FPS.  For me, the nuke wasn't/isn't that big of a deal because it doesn't happen too often and the nuke hunters are usually pretty easy to spot and stop with a well-placed Stinger.

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    I would prefer MW2 than MW3 without a doubt and based on experience, as having both reached max prestige. MW2 for me has a more solid shooting mechanics. There are a lot of haters for MW2 because it favors the good players as it provides more deadlier killstreaks, not to mention the glitch exploiters who ruined the game.


    I definitely like the launch maps of MW2 than MW3. And MW2 has less critical troubles too. The launch lag compensation debacle of MW3 just threw everything out the window.

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    MW2 ANYDAY! I love my spas 12, the no lag, the well balanced maps. i have to agree, one man army noobtoobing was a BIG pain.Getting nukes were pretty easy. The map packs were better, and even the SPECIAL OPS and the CAMPAIGN were better in MW2. I loved sniper fi with my friends, and taking out shepard with a knife, and ghost's epicness.

    This is my 2nd favorite cod game, my first is cod 5, cause of zombies and awesome guns. 3rd is blackops, ONLY for the zombies. multi and story were ****

    What do u guys think?

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    I like MW3 more than MW2 because of the killstreaks.

    When you got the Harrier Strike you would have the Chopper,

    When you've had the Chopper you will almost every time the Nuke.

    On MW3 it is for killstreaks: gun only. So the M.O.A.B was/is a lot harder to get

    I definately agree about the maps (only Dome!!!, Lockdown, Mission, Hardhat, and right now also Terminal), but a few maps like Downturn(<-- WTF) and Outpost are maybe the worst maps on any CoD series ever. I'm 11 prestige and i played Downturn like 5 times.

    And on MW2 were eithe the grenade launchers OP as hell, almost everywere are hackers with XP lobby's and auto-aim (on the killcam you can see that the player zooms in and zooms out very quickly)

    Thats why i love MW3 :)

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    MW2 > MW3