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    No, I use shotguns for close range kills like: Demolition, Search & Destroy, Ect.


    I have tons of skill with the so called M4A1 (& just cuz I have gold dosn't mean i am cheating)

    Acutally I got Skillz with all guns

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    The point is just because u have a shotguns dosnt mean u dont have sill + i have not seen meny people using it ACTUALLY just me and my, friend use it...I have seen no 1 else

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       I have been going after 1000 kills with the spas, I think I'm around 850 now.

       I think its a very fun weapon to use, and when I go on a nice killstreak with it, it feels better than going on the same with other weapons.

       They are tougher because you have to stay close to the enemy. But what makes the the toughest is the inconsistency. Those nice killstreaks are few and far between.


      Here is a typical gameplay with the spas.

    *  Fire one shot at enemy, die while pumping.


    * Chasing an enemy at 30 -40 feet in front of me, ads and prepare to fire as many shots as I can .......... one shot drops him.


    *  Turn a corner hit a guy in the chest at 2 feet away, die before pumping.


    * See a guy crouching with his back to me . easy target ....... 6 feet away blast him square in the back and start to move to next kill ........ woops . he's still alive. Turn back and blast him with another well aimed shot in the side as he's turning toward me....... still not dead...... can I pump one more round in before he's facing me? YES! WOW! another shot right in the neck ....... and I'm dead.


      * Panic hipshot an enemy 15 feet away . he drops in one shot.


      * Catch a guy offgaurd reloading or something, chase him around the room pumping shot after shot at him....... amazed, I've gotten off 5 shots, though not well aimed, he finishes reloading and kills me .. or just knifes me instead.


      * Sneak up on an enemy who is looking out the window .... easy headshot? Stop and ads 3 feet away and take careful aim at his head .......... BAM! ...... bloodspatters and he flinches ............. another shot to the back of the head and he dies.


        If you think a shotgun , particularly the spas, is a powerful weapon, try to get the 1000 kills with it. You'll find they arent all that effective.

        Last I looked I had a 51% accuracy with the spas ............. but about a .36 k/d


        Even with a good match . 15 kills with the spas is a lot. I ahve had a few matches where I've gone 20 some kills, but more often its between 10 and 15. I can normally do 20 pus kills with any other weapon in just about any match.

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    Its not so much the guns its the range on them is ******* stupid ,i got shotgunned from the top of a map when i waas half way up .

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       Effective or not aside ...... This is what makes the spas fun.

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    They are annoying!

    You shot somebody three times in the head and don't get a kill.

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    Hehe... I had to watch that a couple of times

    A quick question about the SPAS beens as I think it's only fair to put my money where my mouth is :-) after all it's just a videogame do you find it's better with kick or one of the later proficiencies like damge or range.

    I only ask because on the the shotgun that shall not be named everyone raved about the range/damage but I found the combo of kick and grip to reap in more scalps

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    Wow you're annoyed about people using shotguns when instead they could be using ACRs or PP90s and struggling to get kills right?? When I use a shotgun, specifically the KSG, it's literally either hit or miss. Getting multi-kills requires a lot more precision and if I miss, I'm dead. I'll usually get 1 or 2 out of 3 people and then I'm dead (3 if the third is caught off guard).


    But yeah, you just keep raging because some dipstick got lucky and roasted your ass with a shotty. Nevermind the laserbeams that slice you in half a second.

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      On the one I assume you are talking about, kick would probably be good because of the high rof. As slow as the spas is, kick didnt seem to help anything.

       I prefer damage, simply because I'd rather have higher chances of one shot kills than I would distance. When I run a shotty I'm expecting to need to be close and with as long as it takes to pump another round in, I'm looking for as much damage on the first shot as possible.