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Assassin Theory, read if intrested


Well many people on this forum and the game in  general go on about assassin and its OP-ness, Well you complained about the MW2 version and the black ops  version and when they did something about it you still complain


My theroy is if you stopped saying in black ops and mw2 "ghost should of been split into 2 to prevent other perks from being used" and **** like that, Assassin would not be like what it is today I mean you say its over powered because with pro it blocks emp affects heartbeat radar protable radar and name above head and a few others, well if you had not moaned it probably would of been simalar to MW2 all in one perk.


To me this would of been better because Assassin  would have then less effects probably just the same as ghost and cold blodded but when you guys complained they had to find extra stuff to add to assassin and blind eye, so you complianed got what you wanted and its never good enough.....


Assassin would be lame if all it did was take your title away and block UAV that would be **** so they added stuff too it and take away the hidden from kill streaks and put it with blind eye and it works, but its not good enough.


Overall it was much better in the old game, but thats just my opinon


What are your thoughts on my theory

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    No-one complained about Cold Blooded in MW2, because there was Stopping power and with MW2 shitty lag, playing without SP was a death Sentance

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    There are two problems with assasin, it needs to be split into seperate perks or have more vialbe counters, for example mw2, coldblooded was great but you still had to worry about heart beat sensors you could just be the douche who went with ninja and coldblooded and you where safe.


    The second issue is that the sound in mw3 I honestly don't feel is as good at all, and the footsteps just seem much quiter, especially from range. If you listened in mw2 you could hear foot steps and direction from much farther away than in mw3 so it makes assasin harder to counter, all tho that doesn't do much for those ***** campers now does it...


    You guys should try running recon tho, recon pro=dead campers it's amazing!

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      To me, specialist counters all(as I spend 60-70% of the game with specialist bonus)....Recon helps a ton, this is the first game I ever used an assassin type perk, never used Cold-Blooded or ghost except to shoot down air support as a back-up class. To me its not the AssPro, its the camping in general thats so aggravating on this game, oh and peeps not playing objective just kill whoring and dashboarding. I honestly love MW3, and really have no true complaints, Ive been in BEAST MODE lately though.

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    ghost is allready split into 2. I hate being able to be killed by choppers and such when running assassin, I have to run blind eye as well to be totally "invisible". dead silence = ninja with no fall damage.


    I ran cold-blooded 75% of the time in MW2 and ghost in BO. I don't care what people's opinion is on the matter. Silenced guns and assassin is my playstyle. I like to be a creep and run around behind enemie lines.


    Players who run assassin aren't using hardline, wich are bascially 5-10 free kills every match. That is a huge advantage, way bigger then not being seen on the radar.


    I can get the same scores rushing with assassin, as rushing with hardline. I just like the challange more to rush with assassin and a silencer, then hardline, cap a dom point, toss 2 flashbangs and kill 2 people and whoppa free predator.