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Infection - pl0x


    - Add Rounds.

     - Add an "Alpha Zombie'.

     - Let survivors use their own loadouts.

Side Note: Should make Alpha Zombie differ from the Common Infected(Say they don't have EC/Pro like the CI do, etc). Loadouts should be allowed, but put restrictions on what is allowed(Search and Destroy has the custom class restriction option), so that survivor's don't use overpowered weapon's and other things, etc.


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EDIT: Added note: Maybe the "Alpha Zombie" could be a Juggernaut or have a Ballistic Vest, and maybe be the only one with a Throwing Knife.

ALSO: If the Alpha Zombie was to be the only one with the Throwing Knife, give the Common Infected smoke grenades.

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    ... throwing knives... again

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      that6uy420 wrote:


      ... throwing knives... again



      The subject of this thread is not circled around the QQer's of the Throwing Knifes.


      I was only suggesting giving the Alpha Zombie the Throwing Knife. But it's a shame that Smoke Grenade and Tactical Insertion share the same slot now. When i would host Infection/Living Dead, the Common Infected would get Smoke Grenade's. Allowing them cover for when trying to rush a group of survivors hanging in a corner. Many times in the Playlist's version of Infected have i tried rushing a group of survivors, but being mowed down in the attempt.