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Castle V5.0.4

Welcome to Jedi's Castle, Version Five!

Everyone is welcome! Except Stewy, he is banned for obvious reasons.


What is this thread?

The castle is a tradition I started back in the World at War days when I was more active and I'm brining it back to help boost OT Forum moral and generate activity. Simply this is a general discussion thread, however since our moderators tend to want us to have a thread with more purpose than just "general discussion", I have random jobs made available to anyone who wants them to help give the castle a direction. Yes, the Castle is just like Whoes Line is it Anyways, Everything is made up and the jobs don't matter. The jobs are like the tip jar in McDonalds... you get the idea. Feel free to join in and become a part of an old off topic section tradtion!


Notice to the Guys Who Like to Post in the Old Castle Thread

Please stop.

Seriously; I get an email in my inbox everytime you post there. For some reason when the site changed over to the new format and messed a bunch of stuff up, it for some reason set the castle to send me email notifications everytime it gets a response. Sine I can't log in as JediMasterShark until they fix my account, I'd like you to please only use the new castle and not the one in the Blops section because I'm tired of you spamming my inbox. Plus, I can edit the OP in this one.






  • v 5.0.0 - Updated after neglecting it since accounts froze
  • v 5.0.1 - Updated the moderator list since it was old and also added nukes
  • v 5.0.2 - Some generous donations to the castle have been added
  • v 5.0.4 - New VIPs, stuff, and jobs


Owner and Landlord (The guys who updates the OP)

  • JediMasterShark (Current account: jedishark)



*Mods, Frequent Posters, and GRaS only

- fourzerotwo (Community Manager)

- JD_2020 (Community Manager) *retired*

- MaTtks
- CHEFS *retired*
- Carbonfibah
- KillaMonkey

- vsimco

- iif0xh0undii

- luckkyd

- cobezy

- turambar

- MajorRodriguez

- Byzantine Bomb

- ivirtran

- daHawk

- IntoTheVoid

- SnakeDoctor(insert # here)

- Soylentbob

- Horrorman

- cprocjr

- ii darkshadow oO

- GoldonArRow

- Dale08

- GhostSquad

- dballa0880

- ficko88

- Kotakid91

- powderslinger

- -PictureFrame-

- N8-N

- SaMo94-

- reaper2792

- Mark_666SKFL

- CloudTM

- Abused_Mongoose

- Groby2345

- splittinwigs

- DanielWW2

- CraftyShot/Machine650

- MSGT Ben1413

- matuzz

- Rorek

- nickzombie

- dastealth

- kamchakka

- dtuchpunk


VIPs have exclusive access to the Private Lounge in the back as well as many other perks

Things in the castle currently (Donated by Various Contributers)

- 4 New Black Xbox360s

- 4 PS3s

- A Neglected Wii

- A death to the Wii poster

- 8 60" HD 3D LED TVs

- Powder's Cookiez

- Teh Jedi's tactical North American Scotch Supply

- solid gold pool table

- two chicks for every girl

- A tree made of money that grows peanut butter bacon

- A pool

- A bar

- A firing range

- 10 German Shepard Attack Dogs

- Russian Roulette Table

- Golf Clubs

- Golf Carts

- 2 AC-130s

- 12 UH-60s

- 10 AH-64s

- Jedi's revolving flashing restaurant

- Teleporter to MajorRod's House and Cybertron

- A hole to Korea and Germany


- Two Tactical Nukes from North Korea

- Bomb Range

- Coffee Table

- Skynet off switch

- Taco Bar

- Roller Coaster

- Wunderwaffe DG-42

- A couple of nuclear weapons with ICBM delivery systems (I guarantee the ICBMs will arrive in your country in 30 minutes or less or the next ones are free!)

- An All Terrain Attack Transport (AT-AT)

- sauna

- weapons factory

- noob jail

- super star destroyer

- haunted roller coaster

- cigar shed


More to come...


House Guests/Staff/Ect.

CraftyShot/Machine650/Steffens  - Pilot

-PictureFrame- - Operations Officer

DanielWW2 - EOD and House Historian

ficko88 - Jedi Apprentice

distraction - Butler

SaMo94- - Chief Custodian

lakers129 - Janitor

JJW319 - Security Guard

Dale08 - Old Friend from high school that I some how wound up living next to...

F291 - Gardener

Abused_Mongoose - Communications

Rorek - Spy

silver5000 - Official Toilet Cleaner

gonna pwn you - Stand Up Philosopher

nlionf - house detective (Mossad)

Mercykiller77 - Supply Officer

juice101387 - Village Idiot

GoNavy - Head Chef

Outlaw - Janitor

whenindoubtc4 - chief weapons engineer

Fry Cook - 1 Spot Open

Weapon Researcher - 4 Spots Open

Castle Historian - 1 Spot Open

Dragon Tamer - 1 Spot Open



Abandoned house next door - Gosu

Military Barracks Next Door - MajorRodriguez

Angry Neighbor - Thunder Bug

Scorched Remains of Teh N00b Hostel - Teh Noobs

Office of Foxy Intelligence (II F0XH0UNDS II's Office) - II F0XH0UND II

Back Alley Black Market - dastealth


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