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No hackers = WOW!  And a quick attack chopper question.


This game was hacked to death.  Most of my matches had hackers.  My internet is slow as far as ping times go compared to most so when it finds matches these people are really close to me.  That's great and solved the problem I had with Black Ops where the Region search function didn't work.  The problem was I almost always ran into hackers.  Now I don't care much about my KDR because of my slower ping times.  Most folks have a distinct advantage over me but I still hold my own and usually go positive despite hackers and FMG9 spam. 


This hack-fest led me to the conclusion that everyone living near me hacked the game.  At least it felt like it.  I just finished a  play session without the hackers and my average KDR per match tripled and my overall KDR went up nearly 20% IN ONE NIGHT!  Holy crap.  I didn't know I was this good at the game.  It's amazing what a difference it makes when there are no hackers. 


Just goes to show, at least to me anyway, how bad the hacker epidemic was.  Now I doubt people ran into them as much as I did since I can only play against people on my half of the country.  And not even the entire half.  The reason being is my ping times increase beyond the maximum for a search if you get further away than that.


Anyway, I was so happy about the patch screwing up hacks, at least for now, that I had to post this.   It's awesome.


On a side note, how's the attack chopper working out for everyone?  I never used it before because it never worked right but I do now and it might get 2 or 3 kills.  That about how it's doing for everyone else?