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Discussion About Motion Sensors For The Next COD Game


I've been looking at a number of threads about the next COD lately and one thing that has got me thinking is equipment and more importantly motion sensors and I was wondering what peoples opinion about them are. I personally think they are a bit cheap as well as a tad over powered especially when used in the right hands (I know I wouldn't be sitting on as many MOABs without one) not only that it tends to slow people down who use one as even I find myself staying near one when have placed one down to get easy kills and that's not my style of gameplay but you just cant help it and i know other people cant either heck some people cant move a couple of feet away from one and to top it all off it encourages more use of stealth perks which is not a good thing for the game as what used to be a fast paced action game COD4 is turning into a slow paced boring game with each installment.


I do think it is an issue and I was thinking of solutions that would benefit the next COD


1. Move the Motion Sensor & Scrambler to the support package as the lowest pointstreak maybe 2 - 3 Points to receive one which team members can get feedback from like MW3 and after hearing what Vahn has said by the looks of things they are making spy planes less frequent in the next COD so it could be a viable streak to use.


2. Remove the Motion Sensor from the game.


3. Make the radius very small so that its literally only useful for flags & bomb sites as an early warning sign or to cover the smallest of flank routes to you


4. It only lasts say 30 seconds from when you deploy it so you cant sit on it and basically have a UAV all game



5. Reduce the frequency of its scans so instead of every 1 - 2 seconds it would be every 7 seconds



6. A mixture of a few of these



7. Leave it how it is in Black Ops so you are the only person who can see it and not every team member like in MW3, personally i dont think this is a solution but I think at worst this would need to be done


What are your views on it and which one would you like to see in black Ops 2 or have you got another solution?