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what are your in game bad habits?


I have two:

1) I always try to throw a flash bang in known sniper alleys thinking I can rush down them and to safety - nope

2) revenge.  If I spawn close to my death spot, which seems to happen a lot, I always try to go at the other person for revenge.  Obviously, they know this and move to a new, nearby position.  It seems that no matter which way I try and come at them from, they are ready.  Sometimes I do this 4 or 5 times in a row, ridiculous of me, but the other player must feel great



BTW, last night I was the game winning death (sucks) twice.  Both times, same player.  Both times, final kill cam showed him with POTTED PLANTS blocking his view.  People were falling all over themselves calling him a camper.  My take is that it is my fault.  If I was really in theater, would I rush into a room like that?!