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No more Last Stand or DeadMH?



Why lie to us? Why make this game so noobish? Why reward someone for dying 6 times in a row? Why cater to noobs? So many questions to ask, so little time.

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    hahhahaa good catch yea no land stand huh ? make good on your word bowling and take that crap out grrrrrrrr

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      I say get rid of all of the deathstreaks. I think it's horseshit that revenge shows me on the radar and the direction in which I'm going. Get ReconPro *******, it works better.


      Final Stand is the new Last Stand
      DMH is the lamest **** I've ever seen.

      Hell man, Martydom and Last Stand were PERKS....that I remember, then in 2 it was a death streak...


      Dead is dead...


      Never saw a man take a shot to the head and on his way down after all brain function has ceased and **** and piss has released itself, that a hand grenade could be dropped as his "Last thought?" Bite me. I've been complaining about this since COD4 man.

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    That's why they called it "Final Stand" this time 'round.

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      you know though, only a few folks come on here, but i wonder how many emails they get a day regarding this.

      Yes, FS and DMH is lame, shitty programming and it's getting annoying.


      HX and Core KC is ripe for this KS abuse.


      Me, I use martydom. F u c k it, it's from COD 4, and I don't get killed a lot 4 times in a row.

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    Try dropping 2 guys that should get you your MOAB with a KSG. Have them both go into final stand only to be able to finish one of them off and the other to kill you. Pissed off doesn't begin to describe it! Pump action shotguns should get rid of the ability to use final stand and dead mans hand.

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    I actually don't have much of a problem with Dead Man's Hand (probably because I've constantly lucked out and either killed them from a distance or somehow magically survived the explosion). It's really just Final Stand that I tend to see almost every other person use. As mentioned many times, you'd think you'd simply automatically take out a handgun like the USP .45, P99, or Five-Seven like you see guys do in SP.

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      I just dont understand the logic behind the use of these death streaks. I only use juice, i never bother changing my death streak. If you constantly die 6 times in a row, there obviosuly is something wrong with your gaming skills. Why not have these noobs improve their gaming skill rather than reward them with a mini nuke Mr Bowling? cant tell you how many times my team dominates the other team and every other kill attempt, someone is falling into 2nd chance or using DMH. so fin annoying.

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    Of all the things we all argue about daily on these forums, i definitely think that the removal of deathstreaks would be 1 topic we could all agree on.

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    1. He said, "Last Stand," it's called "Final Stand."

    2. He meant no Last Stand as a PERK.

    3. Robert Bowling is an idiot. I honestly wanna know what exactly all his assigned duties as community manager are.