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Accepted a friends request from a guy that is a reformed cheater....


A few days ago I was playing and got to talking to a guy and his GF who are local to my city. He sent my a FR and I accepted.

Played a few rounds then went on my merry way. Sent me a party invite last night and decided to play him.

Went to take a smoke break and do some class changes because he just prestiged a few rounds before our break.

So we are in the Party Lobby and he asked if I ever did the Prestige Token Glitch. I said HELL NO. I have been playing COD since MW2 and I never have cheated, never will, even just to try it once. So he proceeds to tell me that he, and his buddies, did the glitch.

His statement was humorous. Said he wasn't trying to abuse it and ONLY did it enough times to get like 7 days of 2XP, open up all weapons, and have 10 classes. That isn't abusing it? LOL


Anyway, said he got banned for 24 hours, stats/ rank reset, something like negative 197 tokens, prestige shop locked (forever), but no negative XP. The thing that got me the most was he did not have to give up all the "unlocks". Got to keep all the guns, all the classes, EVERYTHING that he unlocked.

He was super resentful of doing it. Said he deserved what he got and was happy they didn't ban his console.


I believe the guy is sorry, but what gets me is that he got to keep what he did. If he was a better player, he could use all of that arsenal to really screw up the gameplay of others if he wanted to.