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    Then go play halo... we'd be better off

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    triiviium- wrote:


    I have been playing with some friends on Hard Core and I just wanted to know how can anyone stand to play it for very long. Constant campers with the striker, even if they dont have that they just spray bullets.

    First off, Congratulations for trying something new.


    Second, when you first tried your Hardcore experience you need to keep one important thing in mind. That being your rank in that game mode.


    What do I mean... Well you are playing against those of equal low rank. Either others like yourselves trying it out from core or  new players to the game entirely or finally some really bad Hardcore players. More than likely most are core players playing HC for the clan ops.


    So your criticism really should be directed to your core brethren for acting this way. If you could get into matches with the true HC player your experience would have been different.


    triiviium- wrote:


    Its also annoying being killed constantly by being shot by your self because of a careless team member or a poorly planned Predator Missile.


    This is Hardcore and situational awareness is key, which means communication is also key. If you communicate with your team  your "poorly planned" mishap can be reduced.


    You can't just spray bullets in HC because of ricochet. I would prefer a non ricochet setup but that is where we are because of the kiddies.


    In ending remember when you play a new game mode you will be playing with others like yourself and NOT the modes regular players.....

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    I suggest core rushers to only select uav and ballistic vest and annoy the hell out of these campers.


    Hard core, should be renamed in We Can't Aim and Need Insta-killing everything, easy Camper Mode Core, Cause We hard Bro.


    I think it can be fun, when spamming ballistic vests and ohking people miles away with the model / spas and range (actually needing aim), but when the automatics take that little aiming to kill and kill that fast (1-3 hit kills with 700 plus rpm and free insta-killing tubes), it's far from the best player that always wins the gun battle..


    With the upcoming bast shield buff it will at least be more gun based.

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    watch the history channel or google it. plenty of people have survived being close to nades and c4 going off. all the tubers went to hc. as soon as the match starts and the teams get close (i play dom, kc and tdm) thats all you hear rockets and noobs. over and over and over and over again. then these are the people that beat their chest and tell you how great they are ummmm not! there isnt a kill cam but if you look at the screen you can most of the time see how you got killed and most of the time its someone camping in a corner or lying prone because they dont have to fear the kill cam ratting them out.


    we play alot and finding a lobby with good players is a chore. all we come across are camping, noobing, rocket men. everyone running around with an rpg or smaw on their shoulder. dont even get me started on the ballistic vests turning hc into core all of a sudden and how lame blast shield is now. i remember when hc was for the good players and now its just a campers and explosives haven.

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    Hardcore is suppose to be more tatical and realistic.  Core is for the noobish player in my opnion.  Core gives you a little time to react if you get shot and they miss.  HC = no reaction time. 


    I dont think HC is suppose to be littered with explosives.  Hopefully rumors are correct and tubes and explosives are out of HC modes for BOPS 2.


    I love both Core and HC modes for different reasons.  I mainly find that Core players are much noobier than my HC counter parts.

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    I'm a huge fan off hc. IMO it is non existent to Boosters and Hackers. The gameplay is way better and more realistic 1 false move and you can get killed its not camping it's stealth and ok core has a better advantage on getting a Moab through health regen but we hc players also have a full magazine longer. To play hardcore you need skill and awareness.. I do like to jog around maps from time to time knowing that one bad decision can cost you....just remember they didn't put hard in hardcore for nothing you guys just gotta accept that this is the way it is.dont like it don't play it.....

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    I think what the OP is not understanding is that there is a reason for both gameplay types, just as there is a reason for the numerous game modes. One of the things CoD has over its competitors is something for every type of player. Lone wolf? Play FFA or now FaceOff. Team player? TDM or Kill Confirmed. Objective player? Sabotage, CTF, Dom, SnD.... And you get to choose which one you enjoy playing and suits your gameplay style.


    I am a hardcore player, have been since MW2. I nearly gave up on CoD because of that game. After one month in (everyone knows about the problems with that game) I was sick and tired of the nonsense. I'd have tactical position  on an enemy, who would proceed to bounce around like a jumping jack, take nearly an entire clip, and somehow kill me. I got frustrated, played other games for a while, and when I came back decided to try Hardcore. I met a lot of great players, many of whom are still on my friends list today, and found that I could be more tactical and that the games, for me, were more intense and interesting. The killstreaks didn't dominate the games as much, and usually the games were more balanced. Were there campers? Sure, but one of the things I loved, and still love, was being the guy who breaks through the enemy line. I find my way through their weakness and make it so my team can get an in-road. My K/D suffers because I am not a camper, but its how I like playing and I improved as a player because of it.


    I hate the skill vs no-skill argument in Core vs Hardcore. I think there is a set of skills necessary for both, and I have respect for players who are skilled in each realm. Good core players are bold and aggressive. I am always impressed at how they can run into a firefight and dominate one on one. I do think, as well, they know how to work the system. They know what guns and attachments are more powerful, they know where spawn points are, and they know to work with lag and movement. They also know if they take damage, they will recover, so take more risks.


    Good Hardcore players have the same basic skill set: they are accurate, intelligent, and tactical. To be fair, you don't have to be as accurate in Hardcore, that much is obvious. You do, however, need to be smarter about where and how you fire, as well as how you move around the board. The guy who in Core can run down the middle of the street firing like Rambo will find he won't last very long in Hardcore, he will get taken out quickly. Good hardcore players aren't campers, but they do move quickly around the board and know when and how to hold an area down if thats what is needed for their team to succeed.


    Lets face it, there are Campers in both modes, its CoD, its going to happen. Have I got into bad hardcore games? Absolutely. As a Core player, you can't honestly tell me you haven't gotten into unplayable matches.


    The argument over which players are better is ridiculous. Like anything else in life, there are good players, average players, and less than average players. You occasionally get your exceptionally talented superstars or your ridiculously uncoordinated buffoons. You get fun, friendly, and determined teammates and opponents, and you also get more than your share of selfish, rude, inconsiderate, whiny players as well. You can't lump people together and think you can define each and every one of them by their title. Its how stereotypes, seperation, and ultimately racism came about in society.


    You gave Hardcore a try, and it wasn't your thing. But you tried it. You try something new, sometimes you have to adapt and accept you might not have immediate success. And the great thing is? Nobody is going to force you to do it again. That choice is yours. Play what suits you, and don't waste your breath disdaining those who don't have the same game style as you.

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    Its pretty clear.   Hard Core and Soft Core Those r your options.   You can take the easy way or the hard way.   Core takes little skill and is for people with slow reflexes and need that opportunity to shoot back after getting hit.  Thats why you have 250k core vs 30k HC on at any time and why you have millions playing basketball at the park and a few hundred in the NBA. Its called HARD core for a reason.  If you dont like it keep playing Soft Core where you regen health, have a constant radar up and can walk through grenades.

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