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TkO Recruiting For HC Headquarters

The Recruiting process for the clan TkO also known as TeamKnockOut has began.  TkO is a HCHQ clan in MW3. We are very competitive and also enjoy playing for fun. We have 12 members as of now on Elite, but as a whole we have about 18-24 players. We have a clan KD of  2.39. We rarely ever lose, and we are considered one of the top clans in HCHQ. Looking for more depth in the clan, and good solid players.


Players must meet the following requirements:


-KD: of 1.50


-Founder premium status


-team players that are for the "W"


-mic preferred but not required


Send I_PUDGE_I or Tko--xFilthyRich a message on PSN if you are interested.


The clan page is https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/96776