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  • 30. Re: No More MW3 for me ~Exceed

    sorry for not making myself clear. I don't tolerate it in pubs matches at all. If people want to screw around in private matches with that stuff I'm fine with it, just keepit there and not in pubs. That's why I find kirby annoying at times because he'll whip out a pred missle whenever he gets angry at the other team... -__-


    As for exceed, the times I have played with him he has not used a predator missle, and I know he's not using other hacks in pubs matches. He hasn't hacked his stats or level at all (else you would be able to tell) so as far as I'm concerned, he stays legit when he plays in public matches

  • 31. Re: No More MW3 for me ~Exceed

    This whole thread was because Exceed just admitted he used the predator in public.  And whose to say he hasn't used a hack when he's running solo.  There is just way too much gray area to trust anyone who mods/hacks private or not...

  • 32. Re: No More MW3 for me ~Exceed

    Im okay with private matches like skmace, but we still dont know if he was only using the pred missile, i mean he could have been using uav hacks.


    And another thing, if you think about it, since when did everybody like haxors this much? i mean even kirby is using pred missiles in public matches, just keep it in private matches.

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    How about man up and play the game the way the devs packaged it for you??  That's what I say

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    Sounds like music to my ears

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    You say one thing then you contradict yourself in the next post. You are in a clan with people that cheat in pubs and yet you say you're not okay with people who do that in pub matches.


    Think before you speak.

  • 36. Re: No More MW3 for me ~Exceed

    I never said I was okay with kirby using pred missles in pubs, I just said he does. Both me and grom are adamant about him not using them but he never listens -__-

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    Well I'm by no means running your clan, but if I found a member even suspected of cheating in my clan (which I have atleast 3 times over 3 years) we heard his side of the story first then decided on expulsion or not.  If they did then it's an automatic kick from the clan.  That's how you keep a clan clear of trouble.

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    Well Eckon admited of using damage in a Barret .50 on the guys that glitch in outpost  even that for me its unaceptable but heck he is not in my clan so cant do anything i guess you might already know if so what messure did you take?

  • 39. Re: No More MW3 for me ~Exceed

    I am very surprised that you would go to the trouble to find this post again just to call me a hacker. The only thing i have used is the predator missle alright? i dont care if you dont believe me since everyone lies a lot. But either way, i dont use uav code and wall hack only pred for like 2 days which i only use if the other team uses it and game modes but fissure hasnt replyed yet on how.

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