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  • 20. Re: Worst map?

    downturn by far. but ive only played it like 3 times since the first week or something

  • 21. Re: Worst map?

    DOWNTURN IS GARBAGE. Honestly couldnt even tell you the last time I played it. Probably since like the first month of this piece of sh!t game. But you are def correct about there not being any good maps. Dome could be good if the spawns werent horribly messed up.


    Srry, actually really enjoy lockdown for sniping.

  • 22. Re: Worst map?

    Downturn, Dome and Village.

  • 23. Re: Worst map?

    village? i thought that was one of the better maps.

  • 24. Re: Worst map?

    Downturn is definitely the worst, resistance can be good but if they have anyone camping one of the 3 paths to get the other side of the map it is unbearable. It seems a lot of the maps have way too few paths to get to the other side of the map, which is why i love maps like bakaara and seatown because you actually have to think about your paths to succeed and suprise the other team rather than going down the one hallway that the rest of the other players are in.

  • 25. Re: Worst map?

    Downturn by far is the worst, for me the next group would be Fallen, Carbon, Bakaara.

  • 26. Re: Worst map?

    Can't stand carbon. TBH I hated all the maps for the first couple weeks but now I like them all with the exception of carbon.

  • 27. Re: Worst map?

    Downturn and Bakaara for me.

  • 28. Re: Worst map?

    Downturn is junk...I dont play on it and the times I get thrown into a partial game on it I jump out.  You cant see anyone cuz of the contrast and the bottom where B on dom is just gets camped the **** out. 


    Actually I dont mind the rest of em and like village the best.  Its spread out and not cluttered at least.  The only thing about village is spawning behind the waterfall.  It takes forever to get back to the action.  And the spawn by that tree where you get stuck...man that piisses me off. 


    I wish there were statistics of how often the maps get played.  I bet Downturn would be at the bottom by a long long way.  Its ******* horrible.

  • 29. Re: Worst map?

    I don't mind Fallen, but I really dislike all the other maps.

    It's the maps that really ruin this game.


    Dome has to be the worst, followed by Arkaden.

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