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    Arkaden is without a doubt my least favorite map in the history of Call of Duty. There is NO flow to that map, everybody just fights for the second floor of the mall, then camps their asses off. The worst part is, you cannot blame them! Once you have control of the mall, the enemies spawn everywhere and there is nowhere to go!


    On top of that, Assault is completely useless since EVERYONE is inside!


    Downturn sucks, but I don't think it is the worst map in Call of Duty history.

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    Everyone may think they're safe inside on Arkaden, but you can fire a predator missile through the roof of the mall. I've done it and gotten many multiple kills with it. I even dropped it down to the first floor once, and got two guys camping at the food joint


    The map I like least is Bakaara. No particular reason why. I do alright on it, but just don't care for it.


    Keep your powder dry,


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    Thanks for reminding me lol bakaara is worse then fallen , I forgot to add it to the list.

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    Ones I hate:


    Downturd - I dislike everything about it. The thing that really grinds my gears is the amount of crap lying around that makes you get stuck.


    Fallen - Another you can get stuck on. Campers paradise for chilling around A and on the otherside of the building near A.


    Bakaara - I hate how linear the map is. I don't snipe, I'm an amateur sniper whom does try to get it perfect on. I hessitate. I hate the map.


    Lockdown - As a person who plays GW a lot, I don't have to experience this map as much. But doing Clan Ops, this is my pet peeve.


    Underpass - Absolutely horrible and ridiculous spawns for Dom.


    Overplayed ones:


    Arkaden - I know it's a rushers paradise. And a Quickscopers paradise (which usually results in that particular tool equating 3-29). But it's really, really over played.


    Underplayed decent maps:


    Village - My favourite map by far. This on Domination in GW is so underplayed it's annoying.

    Resistance - A map for anyone which ever class or type of player you consider yourself. Too underplayed IMO.

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    I hate getting stuck! That comment made me laugh because I totally can relate to being stuck and thinking what the hell ...

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