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Re: Simple anti-cheater solution

I've been pushing for a [Block All Play] button for a long time. It is a viable and simple solution. You shouldn't have to play with anyone you don't want to for ANY reason. They already have a [Block All Communication] button. It woulkd be simple to do. VAC says, if there are 10,000 players on, roughly 500 of them will be cheating, or 1 in 20. Personally I think the proportion for MW3 is higher than that though. Yes it's a good idea and needs to be done TODAY!


Until then - While you are waiting to go into game, go to your Barracks/Leaderboards and filter for the players in the current game. Look at the stats and if anything looks out of wack, back out and try another game. Just don't go in a game with or expose yourself to the hackers to begin with. If they have a K/D over what you are comfortable with, back out and find another game. We have a couple of folks that do it for every game.