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VRGN GAMING Recruiting - Clan Level 15

Our clan VRGN GAMING, is recruiting. Please note that we have no affiliation with Virtual Reality Gaming Network or Virgin Gaming™. We are a group of players that look for communication, skill, and strategies out of our players. Our clan is currently Level 15, with a 1.44 Clan KD and 81 members. We are looking to expand to 100 so we can enlist in all clan ops when they are unveiled.


Clan requirements include: having a mic, team player, be willing to play a wide range of game modes, KD of at least 1.40 and must be 16+ years old. No Squeakers.


No try outs will be necessary, we accept players based on their COD ELITE stats. Please message me on Xbox Live for more information if you are interested. GT: xGRiZx WiNTRGRN.