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Will someone PLEASE elaborate on details of what was changed/nerfed/fixed on guns???

It is not to hard to find a list of the things that have been patched and may be patched later.  What is hard to find is what exactly was changed about a gun.  Not everyone knows what you mean when you say "Fire rate normilazation for Assault Rifles with undermounts" or "No recoil glitch".  Not everyone knows about the increased fire rate with the cm901, or the sniper no recoil glitch.


I just want an explanation of what has been done.  Say my favorite gun was the cm901 and liked using grenade launchers.  Say I didn't know the fire rate went up.  I would like to know what is now better or worse about the guns I have become used to.  If anyone can answer these questions, please do!


They said they nerfed the striker and buffed the other shotguns.  How?  More damage?  More Bullets? More Range? Less Range?  I noticed the USAS-12 now shoots 9 pellets instead of 6, but I don't know what was done to the striker or other shotguns.


FMG rebalancing?  Fire rate? Damage reduction?  What did they do?  Also FMG akimbo rebalancing? I did see that all akimbo weapons have reduced fire rate, but by how much?


Fix for ACR with red dot/shotgun?  What was wrong with it and what was changed?



I am more than okay with the patches that get done.  Some I may see pointless, but it doesn't matter.  If something is fixed or patched, then so be it.  But please tell us what was wrong and what was changed.  "We nerfed this gun, buffed this gun, and balanced this gun."  We should have a detailed account of what happened, so we can adjust our gameplay accordingly.