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Double XP or Bonus XP?


Will there be any Double XP or Bonus XP offers in the future?  Such as Double XP weekends, Double XP cards, Double XP codes or other Bonus XP offers?

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    that would be gr8  double xp for premium elite members on weekends

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      I've been saving all my tokens since the beginning just to buy Double XP hours during the next Double XP weekend. Robert Bowling (FourZeroTwo) confirmed in the past that  if you spend a token on a 2 hours of Double XP during a Double XP weekend you get quadruple XP! Can you imagine how fast you can rank up that way?


      I currently have 11 tokens:


      4 from previous CoD titles (I prestiged at least once in all of them)

      6 from MW3 prestiges

      1 holiday token gift (from Elite for Premium members)


      Sometimes I just want to spend them all right away especially with no Double XP weekend in sight I'm thinking to myself "the hell with that might as well just get Double XP my own way..."

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        the quad xp thing is as lie i had like 6 hours double xp already then i played on a double xp weekend and only leveled up like a normal double xp

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        robert bowling was a moron. so dont take anything he said to face value.


        there are still xp caps in every match you go into. i have seen people come on here during a DBL XP weekend and say that they saved up their challenges to get over 70,000+ XP only to not have it count. the reason is because that is to prevent boosters from gaining ungodly amounts of XP.


        so you will most likely NOT be able to cash in a DBL XP token turing a DBL XP weekend and gain that much XP. as i said before, every match has a cap that they stop at. so if you go ahead and do that, dont be suprised if you dont get the XP you think or hope you are going to get.

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