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Looking for a decent PS3 clan...

I've played call of duty since COD 4 and played all of the COD's since then, I used to play them all of XBOX 360 but now I've moved onto PS3 so the previous COD level badges don't show up beneath my title and emblem and name on MW3.


Anyway on MW3 on PS3 I have a 1.51 K/D ratio and I am prestige 1 level 72 currently, but won't be long 'till I am prestige 2. I am looking for a decent small clan where we can work as a team to play and win, I can play tactically and I am reasonable active (whenever I have time).


I am 17 so not a 12 yr old noob and don't have a squeaky voice. I am interesting in being in clan battles or anything like that and play pretty much any game mode. Hardcore or not.


Please if you are interesting in having me in your clan either add me on psn: LeWiS_BmX or leave a reply here.